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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Easy DIY Christmas Card Centerpiece

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
And you know what that means; skipping to the mailbox each day to find a handful of beautiful Christmas cards. You come in, happily display the cards on the fridge, but something seems to be missing. That special card that you spent hours carefully deciding on and creating is lost in the shuffle, barely peeking out from underneath the Jones' slightly inappropriate Santa boxer-short photo card. That's a problem.

We have this frustrating situation happen every year; we are so proud of our Christmas card (especially this year as a family of three!), but it's never displayed properly in our own home. It is, after all, something to be proud of.
We survived another year! Thank you Jesus. And coffee. Thank you, Jesus, for making coffee.
We ordered our cards from Tiny Prints this year and could not have been more pleased. You can't fully appreciate the quality of the paper until you hold it in your hands; the thickness and texture is unmatched. I spent many hours scouring their website, unable to decide on a design because I loved them all. But in the end, we're very happy with our card and found a way to proudly display it in our home.

Behold, the Christmas Card Centerpiece. Perfect for a mantle, coffee table, dining table, or wherever you want to spread a little Christmas cheer. We move ours around because we are indecisive people. And because Bear's a little ninja. But luckily we love the display anywhere, so it's all good.
The centerpiece is very simple to create and has a subtle yet special effect anywhere you place it.
We took a glass vase (bought at Target last year for under $10) and filled it with pinecones and Christmas ornaments. We had all of this on hand; use what you've got! Candy canes or Christmas lights would be cute, too.

Insert your card in the vase. Depending on the width, it should bend slightly to fit and tape/adhesion isn't necessary. Ours stays perfectly.
We found some greenery at Hobby Lobby for $5 and wrapped it around the vase.
Viola! A beautiful way to display your family Christmas card.
You'll smile every time you walk by!

Do you have a favorite way of displaying Christmas cards? Do tell!
Tiny Prints has a Cyber Week sale going on now...30% off any order! If you love their Christmas cards you'll definitely want one of their photo mugs. A few of our family members may just be getting one in their stocking :). They've all been pretty good this year.

Hope you are having the merriest of holiday seasons! Stay warm!


  1. seriously, that is perfect! love it!

  2. Love this idea, Im always trying to find a way to display our cards every year. I to spend hours compiling and putting together that perfect card. I love your's its beautifuL!!!

  3. You are so creative it kills me! Seriously my inspiration! ha

  4. AWESOME IDEA!!! i totally am going to remember this when ours come in! thanks for sharing!!! your card looks like it turned out beautiful!!

  5. That seems like a really easy Christmas table decorations idea. I love what you did in the photos. We can actually use from family photos too or family holiday cards as alternative. Great idea! Thanks!

  6. That's pretty cool and clever! You are so creative. now I know what to get for our table this Christmas. Lemme add this to my Christmas table decorations Pinterest board. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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