Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birthday Party Outfits: Momma & Baby

On Momma: shirt-F21, capris-7 For All Mankind, watch-Kohl's, shoes-Target
On Bear: shirt-Polo Ralph Lauren, shorts-Baby Gap, paci clip-Mud Pie, football paci-Nuk
 Last Saturday, my parents threw an amazing birthday party complete with homemade ice cream, lots of sweet family, and an absurd amount of presents (I'm not complaining). You only turn 26 once, right?
Bear kicked off his Sperry's to go to town on some ice cream. That stuff's serious business; shoes are way too much of a deterrence. Sadly he didn't get any cake...he has to wait four more months (from today! happy 8 month birthday, Bear!) before he gets the whole shebang. Zach and I made up for what he didn't eat.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for having such an incredible party and bringing our family together to celebrate. Spending time with y'all was the best present of all. Love you!


  1. happy eight months to bear!!! eight months! ahhh, i remember reading your post when he was born. piper is almost halfway there :*) where does the time go?! again, the two of you are beautiful! love your dress!!
    and now i want homemade ice cream! so sweet that your parents threw you a huge party - you deserve it! thinking of you lots and wishing you a happy start to your weekend! xoxoxox

  2. Oh good four months till he's one!'!! Can't wait to see Birthday pictures lol..... Ok ok ill slow the clock a little.

  3. Perfection! You two are the perfect duo:)

  4. 4 months?! Gosh where is the time going?!

    Glad you were able to spend time with your family for your birthday.

    Loving your outfit! I'm excited to see your new outfit posts featuring Bear!


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