Monday, April 29, 2013

Big News....

I've been a little MIA lately, mostly because...
We opened an Etsy shop!!!! (insert 100 more exlamation points here)
We'd love it if you'd pay a visit to our shop, Logs 'n Lace.
Please like us on Facebook, too! (
This is a venture Zach and I have talked about for some time but with the birth of Bear and Zach's busy work schedule, we weren't sure it would ever happen. I'm thrilled to announce that we've finally taken the plunge and are excited to share our love for creating with others.
We're adding items daily so please check back often! We sold 4 of Z's log vases today that will be given as Mother's Day gifts. Your Momma's gonna get lots of flowers; she could use a one-of-a-kind vase to put them in!
Thank you, in advance, for all your love and support. So many of you have complimented and nurtured our creativity and crafting, and we owe you for encouraging us to begin this journey. You guys are truly the best.
 Oh, and in case you wondered what Bear does while Mommy and Daddy are working...
Sometimes this.

But usually this.
 Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Two nights ago the boys went fishing in Daddy's hat collection...
....and gave Mommy a much needed reminder.
 Sometimes when life gets a little too hectic, I have to remind myself to slow down and smell the roses sweet little baby toes.

April has been a whirlwind of a month thus far. You know the kind...the calendars around our house are still flipped to March and I sent a check in the mail just yesterday dated 3/23/13. I thought it had a nice ring to it. I doubt the electric company will feel the same.
This morning, Bear woke up bright and early and rather than be frustrated at the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed rascal, we snuggled. We giggled. We played pat-a-cake 'til we could pat no more. We embraced the moment for exactly what it was....perfect.


This Momma's Mantra for May: Don't worry, be happy.
What's yours?!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 Just a few phone pictures from the last few days...
sweet dreams
 Birchbox snack...surprisingly yummy!

gangster baby

fun at Home Depot (red mark on cheek compliments of Daddy's scruff)

favorite new polish (also from April's Birchbox)
changes to pretty purple in the sun
backyard fun with Daddy

Our playgroup is the best ever. We went to a playdate yesterday afternoon and were surprised with a goodie bag full of Ella's Kitchen snacks for Bear, wipees, candy for Momma, laundry detergent, and...

the world's cutest bowtie. A big thanks to our organizer, Jade, for always taking good care of us!
 A little video, from last week, to prove that Bear is in fact saying "Mama" :)
I finally caught up with the rest of the world and got instagram! Follow me @brittfullwood.
Happy Tuesday, loves!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

3-4 Month Favorites

 1. Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Jogging Stroller in Spark- We are pretty much obsessed with our jogging stroller, even if Momma prefers to walk, rather than jog, with it. Bear loves riding in it too, and the mesh sides are great because he can see out but is still sheltered from the wind (thanks Auntie Scarlett and Uncle Shane!).
2. Rice Cereal & Apple- We started giving Bear rice cereal when he turned four months old, and he actually prefers it over oatmeal. We never tried regular rice cereal, but he likes it with apple so we're going with it!
3. Elegant Baby Bath Squirt Toys- These were a gift from my parents and we're finally putting them to good use since Bear is beginning to really play during bath time. These "squirties" are so cute and easy for little hands to grab and squeeze.
4. Denim one-piece- One of our favorites from Baby Gap; it's so versatile! It's great for cool mornings, then just roll the sleeves and pants up when the sun decides to come out. It's on sale right now, too! We also love it in red and navy/anchor.
5. Graco Jump 'n Jive- This was Z's idea to order and I owe him forever. I was skeptical of whether or not Bear would like it, but like turned out to be an understatement. This is his absolute favorite thing to do; he bounces like nobody's business! The music mat is a must-have too; for about $10 more, it plays music and makes percussion noises when Baby steps on certain spots.
6. Touch and Feel Puppy Book- My Nana got this for Bear and it's one of his favorite books. He loves touching all the pages (and trying to turn them before Mommy can finish a sentence...).
7. Mudpie Seersucker Golf Cap- We are big fans of Mudpie (it's just so cute!) and this golf cap fits Bear comfortably, unlike a lot of baby caps. It's perfect for walks, trips to the park, and future golf course excursions.
8. Mudpie Golf Shoes- Maybe not the most practical of baby shoes, but arguably some of the cutest. (thanks Mom and Dad!)
Mommies out there,
What are some of your favorites for babies 6-12 months? We want to get some summer-time goodies for Little Guy and would love any ideas/suggestions!
Still praying hard for those in West and Boston. We stand behind you and are sending astronomical amounts of love.
Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. -Helen Keller

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Months

 Sitting here in shock as I write this post...where have the last five months gone? Can't believe next month we will already be celebrating our Baby Boy's half-birthday! (and yes, there will be a celebration)
I think I'll sit up tall and give Mommy a good scare...
...she can't get mad at this face.
on Bear: shirt-Polo Ralph Lauren (similar), shorts-Baby Gap
Things to Remember:
-You've started rolling all OVER the place this month! First you only rolled back to belly, then a couple weeks later you got the hang of belly to back. Now you can roll clear across a room! We call you Flipper.
-You've become a big-time talker over the last month. You also, as of just yesterday, started saying "Mama"!!!!!!!!!! It's typically only when you're frustrated, or want something, and we're not even sure you know what you're saying. But you do say it, loud and clear, and I love it. You've also discovered this super high-pitched range of your voice and like to use it while Mom is on the phone. Just makin' yourself known! 
-You love your Graco Jump 'n Jive. It's the only place, other than in someone's arms, that you'll happily stay for long periods of time. You bounce like nobody's business.
-On your four month birthday, the pediatrician gave us the green light to give you rice cereal/oatmeal. We came straight home and tried the rice cereal, but you didn't really seem interested at first. We tried again about a week later and there's been no looking back. You wolf it down! We give you one bowl of rice cereal with apple every evening around 7pm. We also gave you sweet potatoes the last two mornings and you haven't really liked them, so we'll probably wait another week or two and try again. You're definitely a milk baby! Who needs all that other stuff, anyway?
-You've always been a water baby, but you seem to enjoy baths even more the bigger you get. Daddy lays you down in the tub (with about 2 inches of water and both of us always right there) and you love to kick your legs and splash with your arms. We can't wait to take you to the pool this summer. 
-You go 3ish hours between feedings now, which Mommy is thankful for. For months it was every hour and a half!
-You go down around 10:30pm every night and sleep until around 6-8am. You eat and go right back to sleep until around 10am. You still don't take any long naps, but prefer 3-4 20-30 minute naps throughout the day.
-You actually enjoy tummy-time, especially if there are toys within your grasp.
-You want to be on the move so badly, we think you'll be crawling pretty soon (no rush, please!). You try to wiggle out of your Snug, and bouncer, and Nap Nanny now. Little rascal!
-You've been in size 3 diapers since a week after you turned 4 months old.

To our Baby Bear:
The last five months have been a whirlwind of magical, unforgettable moments. You are such a calm, laid-back baby and it is an absolute joy watching you learn and grow. Sometimes I catch your Daddy watching you sleep in the mornings and his eyes are full of such love; you are his everything and he would do anything, anything, for his little boy. You are our greatest blessing and we are so proud to be your parents.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hand Holding

About a month ago (I'm a little behind, sorry!) Bear's friend Jagger came over to play and Bear was determined to hold his hand. Like, not taking no for an answer. He eventually got it! Someone's stubborn like their Momma Daddy.
p.s. Happy Five Month Birthday to our Little Man! Where has the time gone? Five Month update coming soon :).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Things

Earlier today my friend Faith did a post like this and while I wasn't "tagged", I thought it was so fun that I'm gonna try and come up with five things I haven't shared with you all before. Also, Faith is pretty much the sweetest thing ever; go leave her some love!

1. I love to sing. Not saying I'm the next Mariah Carey by any means (though that would be nice...), but I'm pretty much singing and/or humming on a constant basis. Poor Zach; anytime he starts singing a song, I have to chime in and show him that I too know that song and can belt it even louder, and much prouder, than him.

2. Half of my left front tooth is fake. In high school basketball practice, Sparkle Brewster came down from a rebound and elbowed me in the face, knocking half of my tooth out. I refused to go to school until the Billy Bob situation was fixed, so my Mom took me to the dentist the next morning and he bonded it? Binded it? Whatever, he fixed it. Thank the good Lord.

3. My parents are both teachers; I'm extremely proud of the emphasis they've always placed on education in our family. My in-laws are farmers and are getting ready to plant cotton at the end of this week; please pray for some rain in West Texas! They desperately need it.

4. I'm major league kind of obsessed with Stevie Nicks. Her voice is that of legend. While everyone is all about female singers like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, you'll never convince me that they can hold a light to Stevie (proof 61 years old). Yes, I like Taylor Swift, but songs about boys and break-ups can't touch your soul the way a beautifully reflective song like Landslide, or Gypsy, or Dreams, can.

5. During my sophmore year of college, I trained the entire second semester through a program called Let's Start Talking and went on a two month mission trip to Lima, Peru. We taught Peruvians English through the book of Luke in the Bible; it was one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, experiences of my life. During that time, we had no running water and had to pump water on the roof into plastic coke bottles for our "showers". It was also the middle of winter in Peru, so the water was like snow-melt. Washing my long hair became extremely challenging so I paid $2 for a haircut and chopped it all off. We didn't even have a mirror, much less the opportunity to curl or straighten our hair. Talk about roughin' it! I learned a lot that summer about just how blessed we, as Americans, truly are. I never, ever, take a hot shower for granted anymore.

There you have it, five totally random things. I'm also taking the liberty of "tagging" each of you lovely ladies...I wanna learn something new about you, too!
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beanie Reunion

 Last weekend, two of my best friends from college, Elissa and Brittney, came to visit and stayed with us. The three of us hadn't been together since Zach and I's wedding in 2011, and hadn't had a slumber party (that's right, still haven't outgrown those) since our college golf team days circa 2007. Needless to say, it was long overdue.
We stayed up late reminiscing about the good old days, cheered Adam Scott to victory, did a little shopping, and ate a lot of sweets. It was the perfect weekend with my "beanies". Love you both so much! Thank you for being such amazing friends and aunties to Bear :).
waiting patiently for Brittney's flight to get in
(seersucker and nautical stripes...we're ready for summer!)
Saturday afternoon we met Brittney's aunt for lunch in Old Town Spring and she gave Bear a sweet little stache paci. We're kind of obsessed.

Saturday night dinner at Cheesecake Factory

All of our talking and giggling wore Baby Boy out...

Nana's Fudge Cake (with added pecans) was our breakfast treat all weekend. Who says you can't eat cake for breakfast?

Sunday afternoon shopping with Aunt E

"Wassup, ladies?"

We stopped in Pie Town and had a yummy cherry cream cheese good!

Sunday we had dinner at Potato Patch, home of the "throw'd rolls". Best down-home cooking around!
(I'm short and they're tall, obviously, so we always aim for "midget in the middle" during pictures)
 Miss these two silly Beanies already! Just looking at these pictures makes me smile; we have so much fun together and I can't wait for our next reunion!
Bear and I have a playdate this afternoon at sweet Sofia's house...he's rolling around everywhere and I'm anxious to watch him show off for the ladies. Zach's taught him well.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Mustache You a Question....

...but I'll shave it for later.
 Two of my best friends, Brittney and Elissa, came in town and stayed with us this weekend; we had one of the best weekends ever. We shopped, played with Bear, ate entirely too much candy, and cheered on Adam Scott like it was our job (there may or may not have been some "Scott is hot" comments thrown in there, too). The Master's definitely didn't disappoint, and it was so much fun watching it with two of my fellow golfing "beanies". Pictures of the weekend will be up soon!
p.s. Brittney's Aunt Bernice gave Bear this paci and we had a little too much fun with could we not?!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath


Have you ever had one of those heartbreaking moments when you think you came up with the most ingenius idea ever, only to see it floating around on Pinterest two days later? That's exactly what happened with these pretty little paper roses, also seen here on The Idea Room.

I'm a sucker for pretty, inexpensive crafts. If you make something yourself, it should be cost effective (aka cheap), right? If not, then why not save yourself the trouble and just buy whatever it is you're making in a store?

Hello, summer! (in Houston, anyway)
I'm proud to say this wreath cost a total of $4 to make (I already had hot glue gun/glue and burlap. Crepe paper rolls are $1 at most places and the wreath was on sale for $1.85 at Michael's). If you remember this project, then you know I'm challenging myself to keep homemade wreaths as inexpensive as possible. Makes Momma happy, Daddy happy, and Baby, well, he doesn't really care (is there milk in that wreath?).
 Here's how you can make your own:

Tear off a piece of crepe paper several feet long. You'll want to do all different lengths so your roses will vary in size. 

Crinkle up the paper in your hand.

Straighten it out.

Fold paper in half.

Begin rolling from the center out.

As you roll, twist the paper and add dabs of hot glue every few rolls to secure. There's no real method to this, and no way to mess it up, just make little twists here and there and you'll see what I mean.

Once you reach the end, glue it down and viola! A pretty little rosette. Wasn't that easy?

These are so quick and simple to make, pretty soon you'll be swimming in them! They're versatile, too; you can glue them on tons of different things. I glued some extras onto twigs from our backyard, put them in a vase, and made a fun little arrangement for one of our guest bedrooms.

Back to the wreath making...
Glue rosettes onto wreath; you'll know what looks pretty.

I tied a burlap bow, but you can add any "flair" you'd like. I just love the texture and look of burlap (Zach teased me and told me I could've done a better bow; I told him it's "shabby chic" and not supposed to be perfect).

Finish gluing on rosettes and hang your new wreath up for all to see! Quite inviting, don't you think?
My two best friends from college are headed down to stay with us this weekend and I'm all kinds of crazy-person-excited. Nana's Fudge Cake is baking in the oven, goodie sacks filled with treats are waiting on the guest beds, and Bear is almost crawling (wild, right?) just in time to show off for his aunties. Plus, it's Master's weekend! Chalking up to be epic. Expect lots of pictures, paired with long-winded stories, on Monday.
Happy Weekend, y'all!