Friday, August 30, 2013

Lately (part two)

More instagram photos from the past week...follow @brittfullwood to keep up with us on the daily :).
Night walks around the neighborhood lakes are my absolute favorite. It's the only "me" time of my day and while I miss Bear the minute I shut the back door, it's much needed and appreciated (thanks, Z).

We had two birthday parties last Saturday; both happened to be at splash pads and we took full advantage!

Bear's playroom is coming along slowly but surely. This baby boy loves to play!
 Sunday mall shopping with Momma is much better with Pinkberry. (better known as PinkBeary in our family)
Dinner at Outback always calls for Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. Yes, we eat our fair share of desserts around here :).

 Speaking of desserts, a friend told us that frozen Twizzlers are a teething lifesaver. So far, it's really helped! Bear loves to gnaw on them and they seem to provide some relief for those poor puffy gums.

Favorite polish..."Wild Cactus" by Color Club thanks to Birchbox.

Bear and I got all matchy matchy in nautical stripes for our day with Aunt Beanie on Monday.
Which also called for lunch at Wunsche Bros. in Old Town Spring....and chocolate peanut butter pie. And buttermilk pecan pie. And ice cream. And three (Bear included) very full tummies.
showing off his game day earmuffs

My two best friends from college were in town last night and we hit up our favorite spot, Cheesecake Factory. Elissa (on the right) just got engaged and asked Brittney and me to be maid and matron of honor....we are thrilled! Let the planning begin!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy, but exciting, day. We're headed to College Station early in the morning for Texas A&M's first football game of the season, then rushing back to Houston for the BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!! Zach is Bear-sitting and I'm going with four very fun, very enthusiastic, girls. Absolutely cannot wait. T-shirts and signs have been made. We will get backstage.

Hope your Labor Day Weekend is a fabulous one!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Double Recipe: Easy Baked Ranch Chicken & Reese's S'mores

If your life is anything like ours, by the time supper rolls around all we want to do is sprawl out on the couch and watch Wheel of Fortune. Getting up to actually cook a meal seems completely absurd...and doing the dishes afterwards? You've gotta be joking.
My grandma makes this amaaaazing potato chip chicken and when I saw the recipe for something similar (using bread crumbs), I knew we needed to make it. Plus, this recipe has ranch dressing. Can't go wrong there! So simple and easy for those nights you really don't feel like cooking. 

Baked Ranch Chicken
You'll need:
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 cups crushed potato chips
2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese (optional)
1 cup ranch dressing (we use Hidden Valley)
3 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease baking sheet with vegetable oil.
  2. Crush potato chips in zip lock bag using a rolling pin. Add parmesan cheese.
  3. Put chip mixture and ranch dressing into separate bowls.
  4. Dip chicken into ranch dressing and press into chip mixture to coat. Gently toss between your hands so any chips that haven't stuck can fall away. Arrange onto prepared baking sheet.
  5. Bake in preheated oven until no longer pink in the center and the juices run clear, about 30 minutes. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center should read at least 165 degrees F (74 degrees C).
recipe adapted from here
We serve ours over a bed of rice and it's delicious!

And now on to the best part...dessert! :)

It's funny that I even call this a "recipe". It is, however, one of the best things you'll ever put in your mouth. You'll wonder why plain ole Hershey squares were ever used in the first place.
I dream of the days when we'll have a big fire pit in the backyard, but for now the broiler will have to suffice. Think of these as campfire s'mores, just without the mosquitos and Kumbaya. Actually appealing, huh?
Inside (not fire-side) Reese's S'mores:
You'll need:
1 pkg. Reese's cups (as many as you'd like, really)
1 pkg. marshmallows
1 pkg. graham crackers (we love Maui Grahams from World Market!)
Place marshmallows on a cookie sheet. Turn oven broiler on high and place cookie sheet on top rack of oven. Watch closely, usually takes about a minute or less for marshmallows to get that good crispy "burn" on top. Take out and immediately sandwich between to grahams with a Reese's cup (or two!) in the center. Enjoy!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for the next time you're watching Wheel of Fortune, not wanting to get up and fix supper. This momma can totally relate!
Two of my very best friends in the whole world will be in town tonight and we're going to Cheesecake Factory; let's just say I'm counting down the minutes. Favorite.Restaurant.Ever.

Hope you have a great day, sweet friends!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lately (part one)

Just a smorgasbord of Instagram pictures for you all :). Follow @brittfullwood to keep up with our daily happenings!

This cute stamp at JoAnn's caught my immediate attention. Why yes, I think it would.

thrift shopping cuties
new canvas prints for the guest bath via Home Goods

This little punkin's ready for fall (so is his Momma).
sign that it's gonna be a great day

We love our morning walks around the neighborhood. It's so peaceful; Bear snoozes every time.

"I may not sleep in my nursery yet, but I sure know how to make a mess of it!"

Bear's first birthday is still three months away and the planning has already begun :). Zach doesn't get it.....and that's okay.

Zach had a 70's themed bowling event last Friday and wore a Semi Pro get-up (hilaaaarious). Bear wasn't a fan of the wig.
half touchdown and Mommy's favorite album

beautiful rain headed our way

Hope your week is off to an amazing start! Just a few more days and it's a holiday weekend...time to celebrate!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Boys

There's something so special, so unique, about a father/son relationship. It's a bond that can't be explained or described, but can only be witnessed. And, when witnessed, is such a beautiful thing.

These two are best buddies. The way Bear's face lights up when Zach gets home from work everyday makes me want to cry; it's pure excitement and bliss. I'm reminded so often through these two the bonds that love and family create. I'm thankful for our son, our gift, and the love in which he's flooded our hearts.

Momma may take care of him all day, but pretty sure he'll always be a Daddy's boy.
And I'm okay with that. :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guest Bedroom Reveal

It just hit me the other day that it's been ages since I shared any rooms in our home (find previous posts here and here). We're I'm currently getting the decorating-bug back and am anxious to get more things done around the house; having a baby puts a big hold on home projects! Totally not complaining...especially since we now get to work on the most fun project of all, a playroom :).

Our house has three bedrooms upstairs; one is the nursery and two are guest bedrooms connected by a jack & jill bath. They also each open up to the playroom. I wanted the rooms to be minimal in the way of d├ęcor; there's something about a cluttered guest room that doesn't feel very clean or welcoming. Know what I mean? We were lucky enough to be given this bedroom set (bed, nightstand, dresser/vanity) by my grandparents and Zach and I absolutely love it. It's a beautiful antique that we hope will stay in the family for generations to come.
 Enough babbling, here are the pictures!
I spy a little Bear...
Yes, that is a sonogram picture of Bear over the bed. Need to change that out, just can't bring myself to switch it. Time has flown by too quickly :(.

And there it is! Simple and fresh with a few pops of color. I just can't keep myself from cranberry; it's definitely my favorite color these days. None of the upstairs bedrooms had ceiling fans when we moved in, so Zach put them all in and it's been such a nice addition for our guests.
Room Details:
rug, throw pillows, curtains: Home Goods
bedding: TJ Maxx
antique style lamp, all bird decor, black picture frames: Vickie's Gifts in Roscoe
Tuscan Sunset picture: Hobby Lobby

Thank you for sticking with this long-winded post! I plan to show you the other guest room soon, too.
And thank you to each of you that left such sweet comments on yesterday's post. It felt so good to vent and, in a way, helped spark my love for blogging once again. Doesn't hurt that Bear took a long nap this afternoon, too :).

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!