Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1st Birthday Invitation

Bear's first birthday party is just over two weeks away (his actual birthday is Nov. 18), and invitations went out last week. I'm no graphic designer, at all, so I'm proud to say I designed the invitations almost all by myself (with a little lot of help from Z)!

Bear's party is vintage storybook themed, "1ce up on a time". Can't wait until after the party to share the other details with you! Actually, yes, I can wait. I will be a sobbing mess the day this baby turns one.
please excuse the blurring...for Mr. Bear's safety :)

Happy Halloween Eve!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Costume(s) #1

 Yesterday evening, we headed a few miles north to The Woodlands and enjoyed Bear's first trick-or-treating experience in Town Green Park. It's a huge annual event with tons of local vendors handing out candy, live music, and even a costume contest. We entered Bear, and sadly he didn't win, but he did clap for himself as I carried him across the stage. Take that, judges.
Johnny Football and his off season essentials. 
We wanted to save Bear's "real" costume for the 31st, so we rigged this idea up on Saturday night. We I work best on a last minute deadline. Bear already had the jersey, knee pads, and socks; we decided to go through his outgrown clothes (biiiig mistake. I may or may not have cried.) and found some 3 month pants that are now capris/football pants. We bought some $1 black face paint at Wal Mart and Johnny Football was born. Our costumes, well, they didn't take much work. But we did get lots of laughs!

Hope you are having a spooky, but sweet, week! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Pumpkin Patch

We had a busy day yesterday but decided to head to the pumpkin patch for a few pictures right before Bear's afternoon nap. He was a little sleepy, but loved it nonetheless. It was actually my first pumpkin patch too; Zach grew up on a farm, where they grew their own pumpkins, so it was no big deal to him. The camels and sloths, however? Those were a big deal to all of us. This "exotic" pumpkin patch had all kinds of cool animals...basically a zoo and fall-festive-amazingness all wrapped into one.
Bear loved the kangaroo!

I love playing the drums on giant pumpkins!!!!

Oh hello there, passers by. Let me cheese for you.

We had the best time and already can't wait to go back next year! If you live in the Houston area, find their website here.

Happy fall, friends! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


 As usual, these "lately" pictures are a little, well, late. Sticking by the fact of better late than never!

Instalife over the last three weeks....

This time of year is the absolute best for evening walks around our neighborhood lakes.

Bear tried a sip. He is probably the only human on the planet that doesn't like PSL.

Bear takes his best naps in the car, so we plan accordingly. Which sometimes means arriving at Freebirds an hour and a half early and sitting in the car. Bear naps, Momma takes pointless selfies.

"Java & Jammies" party at Peyton's

One of Bear's Halloween goodies. Little did I know my sneaky Momma already bought Bear four Halloween books! If you're reading this, thanks Mom :). He loves them.

Evenings are best spent playing on a blanket in the backyard, highly anticipating Daddy's arrival.

A photographer friend asked to use our sitting room for a maternity session a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see more of the pictures!

Zach made this gorgeous mesquite wood lamp; this is one of those pieces I really hate to part with.

Zach's sweet sister, Katy, helped us at our craft show two weeks ago...doesn't she look cute in her Logs 'n Lace goodies?

Books are kind of a big deal around here.

So are Halloween jammies.

sweet boys at Smashburger

Z gets major brownie points for getting me pumpkin taffy! It is (er, was) delicious.

Peyton loves to tickle Bear! Bear, on the other hand, is not so sure what to think.

Sneak peek of Little Man's Halloween costume...

Aggie game last weekend

The Pottery Barn Kids Christmas display gets me all giddy inside.

Another sneak peek...this time of Bear's birthday d├ęcor :)

We also finished his "smash cake" high chair last weekend! I bought it from a local lady and wish so badly we had taken a "before" picture. It was not very attractive. But we saw some potential and with a few coats of paint, are satisfied with the end result. Banner is made from jute twine, burlap, fabric, and modge podge.

These two make me really, really happy.

Cheers to a gorgeous fall day and the weekend being within reach :).

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Cutest Thanksgiving Placemats and a 25% off Coupon Code!

Hi, friends! Today I am so thrilled to share with you a treat from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Gracefully Made.
The lady behind the cute creations is Sarah (she blogs here!); Sarah also did our entire blog design back in January. She's amazing! Today I want to show off some "Today I'm Thankful For" paper placemats she recently added to her shop.
Zach and I love them. Seriously, we have had so much fun doodling and writing things we're thankful for; these festive mats have already given us countless smiles. Every time I walk by the kitchen table and see Z's doodles, I can't help but grin. The placemats come packaged all pretty, too! Sarah is the queen of detail and it definitely shows in all of her work. Just see below...

We are writing one thing we're thankful for every day until Thanksgiving. A couple of mine...

...and Zach's. :)
I was more than happy to put our old placemats in hiding for awhile; these are much more fun! Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house? These would be absolutely perfect. The kids would love them, too!

Sarah was kind enough to offer all our readers 25% in her entire shop! You must take advantage; I'm already eyeing her Christmas cards. Simply use code: "FunWithTheFullwoods" at check out :).

Today has been absolutely perfect. The 70 degree weather, time with my boys, Smashburger for lunch....the list could go on and on.

We also painted Bear's "first birthday high chair" today; pictures coming soon!
Hope you've had a fabulous fall weekend!