Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zoo, Concert, & Lots in Between

Last week, my parents and grandparents came to visit and we had such a fun time. We went to the zoo, ate lots of yummy places, and celebrated my Mom & Papaw Joe's birthdays (#84 for Papaw!). The day after they left, I went to a Backstreet Boys concert with two girlfriends and we had a blast reliving 1999. Overall, it's been such a great couple of weeks!
Bear got a little sleepy at the zoo...
but he quickly woke up!
Bear & his great-grandparents
lunching with the fam at Jason's Deli

4 generations

Bear doesn't mind the heat we've been having lately; he welcomes sunshine and rosy cheeks!

The sunsets have been pretty nice, too.

These two hit up the splash pad and then Chick Fil A, which explains their big smiles. Bear & Peyton are BFFs.

Professor Bear giving lessons in shapes

Backstreet's back, y'all. They put on such a great show!
We were all pretty much voice-less by the end of the night. Well worth it.

Hope your summer's off to a sweet start!


  1. Its always so fun when family comes in town to visit!!! :)

  2. How fun! Your grandfather is adorable! Love family time :) And it has been SO HOT in Texas! But I'd rather it be hot than cold!!! When we went to see Dave Matthews, we saw that BSB were coming in June, so fun! I'm an *NSYNC girl, but BSB would have been fun to see too! P.S. You should do more fashion posts because I love everything you wear!!! Have a good week!

  3. These pictures are so sweet!

    I would have love to relive my younger days with BSB! How fun.

    And your outfit with the black shorts, LOVE! I soooo miss your outfit posts!

  4. Looks like you are soaking up family time this summer. I'm glad to say I am too. : )

  5. I love the photo of all the generations - that is SO special!!
    And Bear and Peyton are so sweet together - you can just tell they're going to stay best of friends. I think it's so neat to watch children interact with one another - to know everything that's going on in their sweet little heads!! :)
    The Backstreet Boys looks like it was so much fun - I love that they had a big screen out, too!!
    I was just listening to a VERY old cd I burned and was cracking up at some of the songs on there...one was from the BBBoys. ;)
    I hope you and Bear are having a great day!! xoxox


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