Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bear's Country Fair

Bear's 2nd Birthday was held last Sunday in Old Town Spring, and turned out to be such a special day. Family and friends traveled from afar and braved the rain to celebrate our little man, and we couldn't be more thankful. We are so grateful Bear is loved by such precious people!
A little background to the birthday party:
My sister-in-law, Scarlett, gave us the idea for "Bear's Country Fair". We knew we wanted something themed around Bear's love for ponies and farm animals in general, so it was the perfect fit for his celebration. Zach started building booths several months ago, and the original plan was to have the party at our house with the "fair" in our backyard. The week of the party, Houston's chance of rain was at 80% for Sunday. Knowing we couldn't fit 80+ guests in our home, we set out to find a larger indoor location. Old Town Spring is less than 2 miles from our house, and it worked out that we could rent a charming dance hall with a large courtyard for the pony rides and games. It did end up raining during the party, but Zach set up a large tent for guests to stand under while they played the games. It was also such a light rain that no-one (even the ponies!) really seemed to mind.
The only downside to the dance hall was that we were only allowed 45 minutes inside to decorate before the party. That was hard for my perfectionist self, because it wasn't enough time to get everything inside exactly how I envisioned it. But, Bear didn't seem to mind a bit what the décor looked like ;). He was all about those ponies!
Enough's the afternoon in pictures.


A huge thank you to Zach, who worked tirelessly for months to bring this "country fair" to life. Another huge thank you to my Mom for all of her hard work over the entire weekend. Thank you to Katy Bliss for taking pictures, and to Lisa for face-painting. Love you all!

Happy Birthday, Bear Clayton! You are our world and we love you so.


  1. I bet yall had a fabulous time!!!! The pictures look great!!! Happy Birthday again to your Sweet Bear!!

  2. Love the theme! He's so sweet! xo

  3. i LOVED looking through all these photos!! you did an AMAZING job on his party!!
    i love everything - bear's outfit, those mini pies, the red, white and blue table, the incredible!
    it's so neat to think that one day bear will look through all these photos (not that he can't know what i mean ;))
    i love the family photos of you three!
    so happy you were able to celebrate outside despite the rain!! beautiful party, family, mama, and bear!! xoxoxo

  4. Finally getting time to visit your blog. What a fun theme for a birthday party! Bear is such a doll. He is lucky to have two parents who love him so much. Happy New Year to all the Fullwoods.


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