Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Gift Bows

I struggled an abnormal amount in naming this post; I went through Bow Derek, Bowling for Soup, Bow Legged, Little Bow Peep, Bowdacious, Bowna Fide, Rocky and Bowinkle, and several others that will remain in my bizarre little head. How I landed on DIY Gift Bows is still a mystery, as I clearly had many better back-ups.

these bad boys? The magazine upcycling is making a comeback in Casa de Fullwood. I used this tutorial found on Lines Across My Face to make these bows. Zach teased me that I wasn't saving us any money as bows are dirt cheap anyway, but I quickly reminded him how beautifully green it is to upcycle our old paper goods. I tried all different paper types and found that magazines were the easiest to work with; scrapbook paper tended to be too thick and book pages and newspaper were almost too thin. Point of story: Vogue never disappoints.

Note:Tootsie Roll in top right corner. No nocturnal crafter should ever be without sugar.
Scrapbook paper
Dictionary bow...would be cute for a teacher gift
More scrapbook paper...
Why, hello there Katy Perry's perfume ad.
Can't wait to pretty up our Christmas gifts!

Do you have any other uses for old magazines? We would love to hear them!


  1. These are so cute! I will definitely make them for Christmas! Love it!

  2. Hey thanks Whit! They were fun and easy, the best combo!

  3. these are adorable!! i love your blog! you post such great stuff! thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thank you sweet Sarah! I love yours as have such positive, inspiring posts. I'm adding both of you to our sidebar because you're both daily reads!


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