Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bell Bottoms and Bling

blazer:F21, jeans:F21, cami:Gap, shoes:Kohls, purse:Sam Moon, necklace:Wet Seal, bow ring:F21

Lately, I am really loving the POC (pop of color) trend that Brad Goreski ingeniously incorporates into almost all of his styling (just watch this). Any simple, monochromatic outfit can be transformed with one bright, fun accessory. Though I originally envisioned this blazer as a work piece, when paired with the blue purse it becomes a more laid back, weekend outfit.

Skinny jeans have also been the leader of my wardrobe lately but when I spotted these bell bottoms on sale at Forever 21 for $6.99, I knew it would be love at first wear. After all, even my dad wore bell bottoms in high school. They must be cool, right? 


  1. I always love a little flare to my jeans! :)

    Super cute outfit! LOVE the shoes!

  2. what a fabulous deal on the jeans!

    i love them! and loving your shoes!

    and to think i just chanted for an outfit post :)

  3. Britt, this is a super cute outfit! very flattering

  4. Gorgeous pop of color! Lovin' that necklace too!

  5. i'm so glad you keep doing more outfit posts! you are so beatiful!! and I LOVE this blazer - i keep seeing people with adorable blazers from forever 21. I need to go there!

  6. LOVE the bells and that bow ring!

  7. I love that blazer, I love that purse, I love that necklace. And tell me, with all those cookies you eat, how on EARTH do you stay so thin? Not fair woman, not fair!

  8. you have absolutely great style girl! completely in love with your shoes, ring and purse :)
    xo TJ

  9. brittany, i love visiting your blog and catching up! you always have sweet, fun and inspirational posts!!
    i love the "pop of color" look! that cute blue purse really does pop against your blazer! you look amazing!
    and $7 bell bottoms. ahh, i'm going to be near forever 21 this weekend. i hope to find some sweet deals like you did!

    have a happy saturday!!!
    xoxoxox tons of love <3

  10. you are so pretty! you looks great in everything!

  11. You seriously got those jeans at F21 for 7 bucks? LUCKY girl! I am dying to get my hands on a pair of "bell bottom" jeans but I just haven't had any luck finding the perfect pair for me.

  12. Completely irrelevent but you live in such a nice neighborhood for young newly weds! But i love your outfit, i would never pull off the bell bottoms like you!


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