Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rhinestone Cowgirls

Zach's family has been here this week and we've enjoyed good food and great company. Yesterday, we headed out to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo bright and early (a yearly tradition). Sweet tea and chicken strips on a stick made their way into our tummies, yet again. There's talk of seeing Jason Aldean in concert tonight; life is good.


  1. SO fun!

    I am loving your outfit! With the belt! So, SO fab! Love it!

    Outfit post! Outfit post! Outfit post!

    Hehe, I know ... I'm strange! Just really digging your outfit! ;)

  2. Your dress and belt are so cute!!! And no, ugh, we didn't make it to Miranda! So upset! We had church that night and it completely slipped our minds! Hoping to make it to one show before the rodeo is over!

  3. Cant go wrong with some sweet tea and chicken strips!!! Love the dress and belt combo!!! Glad yall are having such a wonderful time with the hubbies fam!!!

  4. you. are. GORGEOUS.

    & i want that dress!

  5. Somehow I missed this post! I am jealous y'all got to go to the stock show and rodeo. Do you know that I have never been!? Yates and Garrett went every year that they were in HS and we always talk about going to watch Yates show but have never been able to. Chicken strips and sweet tea sound amazing. Sweet tea isn't easy to find here : (

  6. the title of this post is awesome! and you both are so stylin' and pretty in your outfits and cowgirl hats! i LOVE it!!
    and ahhh, jason aldean. we saw him last june! i adore him and pretty much every single one of his songs!
    the dress, the belt, your purse, you...BEAUTIFUL!!
    i'm so glad you're enjoying your time with zach's family!!
    may it continue <3

  7. I will be so jealous if you see Jason!!! Love him! Also I love your dress


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