Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Five Things

drinking grapefruit juice from Nana's china (my favorite) on a sunny afternoon

Confession: For several weeks, brushing my teeth in the morning was a struggle. The nightly routine was still in full effect but the minute my toothbrush entered my mouth the following morning, I was running like a crazy person to the toilet. Zach found this disturbing, and I woke up one morning to this little (misspelled) reminder. Written in my favorite lipstick, nonetheless. I just can't bring myself to Windex it.
New Express flip flops, on sale!
We're enjoying having an excuse to keep ice cream on overload in our freezer (like we needed one before...)
pretty backyard blooms

What's making you happy this week?


  1. I love love love this blog, especially the china, lipstick letter, and on-sale flip flops..which is pretty much the whole thing! Sorry you've been feeling so lousy in the mornings...the baby probably just needs more candy :)

  2. Oh I LOVE LOVE this post!!!! To Funny!!!!

  3. so cute!! (except the throwing up part - I hope you feel better soon!) my iceed coffee made me happy today!

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  5. {Oops, I totally just commented under my husband's gmail account... so I deleted and I'm re-commenting :) So classy I am.}

    Aww, that lipstick written note is adorable... I hope you start feeling better dear! The popcorn I just scarfed down made me happy today :)

  6. That ice cream looks so good and I love your flip flops. I haven't been to express in so long, I definitely need to!


  7. Oh no, Brittany! Pregnancy does not seem pretty/fun- at least the first trimester. Hope that you start to feel better soon. :-) And I love Zach’s note to you-hahah!

  8. Ohhh, such a sweet post! Ice cream...Edy's ice favorite! Wish we could sit w/a half gallon together :)
    Thos hot pink flip flops are super cute and so fun for spring n' summer!
    I lol that Zach wrote you a lipstick note...too funny and cute.
    I feel ya, this morning I had such an empty stomach and gagged from brushing my teeth.
    This post made me happy!
    And you know what else makes me happy :)
    Thinking of you tons!!

  9. i'm obsessed with your new flip flops!

  10. You poor thing :( Hope that nausea is getting better by the day! Love the purple blooms!

  11. ha I love it! For weeks I had to bring my toothbrush to work with me because if I brushed before noon sickness would occur! Good luck girl!

  12. Mmm i wish I had some cookie dough ice cream right now! Flowers are pretty and love the note! Makes me excited for pregnancy..not the toilet part!

  13. That nausea is the worse!! Hope it gets better soon! When I was pregnant I craved ice cream all the time!! couldn't get enough!! :)


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