Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five Things

Things have been pretty quiet and rainy around here this week, which Baby and I are thoroughly enjoying. We're catching up on crafts (Mom and I busted out the sewing maching last weekend), watching entirely too many Real Housewives episodes, and even baking cookies! Yes, the sweet tooth is making a comeback. Reunited and it feels so good.

quite possibly the best purchase I've ever made...smells sweet and is so creamy on my skin (plus, hopefully it'll keep those lovely little stretch marks away!)

fabric from Hobby Lobby waiting to be sewn into burp cloths for Tiny
a (temporarily) full candy jar
new "diaper bag" Z sweetly insisted we purchase (after he saw "the look" in my eye)
It isn't officially a diaper bag, but it's the perfect sized satchel for Baby and I to venture out in style :)

Zach's favorite birthday present...and I kind of love it too. We like to get up on Saturday morning, cook bacon and pancakes, and dance around the kitchen to Marty Robbin's "El Paso".

What are you loving this week?


  1. that record player is super awesome! and whenever my husband and i have a baby, i will carry around a non-diaper looking bag and i think yours is great

  2. Yay for pretty diaper bags!! And what a great gift for your hubby!! I want one :)

  3. We need some rain out this way! It's been dry and in the 90's for quite some time. I'm not sure what I'm loving this week :( bummer huh? I'm excited to look at a possible new place to live! :) I'm loving the new burp cloths for baby

  4. I like the diaper bag, I've always said Id want to get something different and unique to carry.
    I'm loving that the hubbs is getting home from work earlier than 8:30-9pm at night :) Oh its the little things!! :)

  5. That is the type of diaper bag I would have to buy when I get preggo! So cute!

  6. I love the bag. I didn't have a typical diaper bag either. But then you learn to buy bigger handbags to throw things in. I still have the trusty first aid kit and he's seven. It never ends until they are out of the house. You always have candy or something in your bag kid related

  7. I love your diaper bag and the fact that it's not a real diaper bag! It's so pretty and versatile!! Ahhh, I need to get me some of that lotion...stretch marks and me are not friends right now! ;)
    That is the cutest record player I've ever seen! I love coming to your site, Brittany! I can always count on smiling!
    Thank you for all your amazing words always!
    I hope you and Zach have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I used the Palmers Cocoa butte. I slathered it on day and night and I didnt get but a few of the white stretchies on my booty area . But that's expected since it fluctuates anyway.


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