Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1st Birthday Invitation

Bear's first birthday party is just over two weeks away (his actual birthday is Nov. 18), and invitations went out last week. I'm no graphic designer, at all, so I'm proud to say I designed the invitations almost all by myself (with a little lot of help from Z)!

Bear's party is vintage storybook themed, "1ce up on a time". Can't wait until after the party to share the other details with you! Actually, yes, I can wait. I will be a sobbing mess the day this baby turns one.
please excuse the blurring...for Mr. Bear's safety :)

Happy Halloween Eve!


  1. That picture of him is so precious!! Love the theme and can't wait to hear about the details!

  2. what a great picture of him! great job on the invites! i can't wait to see everything! i can't believe he's turning one.

  3. those invitations are amazing and so perfect, brittany!! ahh, i can't wait to read about his party, and of course see the photos!! i love bear's birthday crown...and that oufit...can't take it! he's so adorable! oh, i can just imagine how you are feeling with his first birthday approaching. earlier, i sat here with piper and was showing her photos and videos from when she was a newbie. and i just LOST IT. i was bawling. crazy, how fast these days pass. and how quickly our babes grow. it's amazing and bittersweet and such a gift to watch them grow and learn.
    happy party planning!
    p.s. - my brother shares bear's birthday!


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