Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bear Does Sweetwater

Two weeks ago, Bear and I headed to Sweetwater for five days of fun and family time. Bear got to meet his one month old precious cousin, Lawson, and was spoiled by all of his grandparents (and great-grandparents).
A few insta-pics of our travels...
Bear loves Whataburger grilled cheeses. I kind of do, too. Good road trip food!

reading with g-ma Candy

I love grass!!!!!!

Bear and Grammy at the Fall Festival

Takin' a nap (and savin' a yogurt melt for later) at Big Boys BBQ

Bear's crazy about his Uncle Ryan!

sweet Lawson

playing with cousin Kamdon


Elephant Bear at the Highland Sophomore Carnival

Going back home to visit family is always bittersweet. We love seeing everyone but if Zach stays behind (to work), we miss Daddy and can't wait to get home to him.
In other exciting news, Bear took FOUR STEPS yesterday!! He'll be 11 months old tomorrow (can't even talk about it) and will soon be a walkin', talkin' little man. Talk about bittersweet.
Hope you're all having a fabulous week!


  1. the picture of him on the grass! omg, heart melting! and yay Bear for taking 4 steps! so exciting. he'll def. be a walking machine in no time!

    and give me that grilled cheese. completely craving one now!

    glad y'all had a great time! but it really is bittersweet when it's time to say see ya later. that is the only part i wish i could skip when i visit family.

  2. happy, happy eleven months!! i feel like babies have this special power - they make time speed on by...even when days seem so long sometimes.
    i'm so glad you had a great visit with your family! i love all of bear's outfits!
    and now i want a cinnabon with extra frosting! :)
    sending lots of love for a beautiful month eleven!! xoxoxox


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