Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bear's Birthday Bash (part 1)

Bear's first birthday party was Storybook themed and took place in the "woods" by our house. Inspired by the Little Golden Book "Good Night, Little Bear" and Bear's love for books, we wanted the party to have a classic, vintage vibe. We had such a great time celebrating our Little Man and are so thankful to all who helped celebrate!
Prepare for picture overload.
The (blurred) invitation, designed by Zach and me.
 Zach made and painted a "Bear's Bash" sign to help people know where to park.
 Each child took home a vintage Little Golden Book as a favor.

Birthday Boy and his cousin, Kamdon
Fabric bunting banner was made simply by cutting strips of navy and green fabric and tying them to jute twine. Book paper garland on the front of the tables was made from "Good Night, Little Bear".

Because every Bear needs a bear piƱata, right?
I made Bear's cake topper from a wooden #1 (from Michael's) and modge podged pages from "Good Night, Little Bear". Zach made the center cake stand and I made the cupcake stands by spray painting Dollar Tree trays and gluing them onto logs. Bear's smash cake and cupcakes came from HEB Market Street and I couldn't have been happier with them. I wanted a blue ombre smash cake and they produced my vision! Cupcake toppers were made on our home computer.

"Ain't nobody got time for this, Mom".

I am a ridiculously detail-oriented person and am so upset that I forgot to put Bear's burlap "ONE" banner on his high chair :(. So, for my own viewing pleasure, I'm posting a picture of it since it didn't make it to the party.
No shoes, no shirt, no problem!
 So much love went into every detail of this party, but even more love came from all who attended and celebrated Bear's big day. Thank you to my Momma (the photographer), my mother-in-law, Lisa, and all of her hard work, Zach and his power tools, friends from afar that sent amazing, heartfelt gifts, friends from afar that drove (and flew!!!) in just to celebrate our son, and many, many more. Bear certainly felt the love and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.
 More pictures coming soon!


  1. omg! the details Britt! you (and your family) did an amazing job! everything came together so beautifully! and i just want to scoop Bear up and squeeze him! he is so adorable!

    i'm excited to see more!

  2. OH MY GOSH. This is too perfect!!! Britt every detail was perfect. And the invitation was too cute! "a little bear in town" SOOO cute. It looked like a storybook fairytale in the woods. You are so creative! And everyone got their own book!? SO cute. such a darling family. I love your family! (ha secretly feel like I know you in real life)

  3. Such a perfect party!! Those details!! You all did a great job. Looks like so much fun.

  4. What an amazing job !! I was so excited to see this post today, I've been waiting for it !! Can't wait to see the other parts. What a beautiful boy you have and perfect little family !! Happy first birthday Bear !

  5. i couldn't wait to check these posts on out the computer!! i looked at the first two on my phone the other night and was ooohing and ahhhing over EVERYTHING!!! brittany, you and zach are such a talented duo - ohmygoodness, i love all the LOVE that you two put into everything for bear's big day! it was so special!!
    i can't take him being wheeled in on the wagon...adorable!! his little shorts and suspenders...ohmygosh...i want to pick him up and hug him!
    the banners you made are beautiful...i love how you tied the theme into so much of the party...the storybook favors are too cute and such a great idea!!
    and the cake stands...beautiful! bear is going to look at these photos one day and see everything his birthday was made of...isn't that so neat??!!
    it's so sweet that whitney and her husband flew for the party!! you girls are beautiful!
    i'm off to check the others out!! xoxox


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