Friday, November 1, 2013

Bear's First Halloween

I'm not sure how to even begin this post because Bear's first Halloween was absolutely perfect. You know when you hype something up and prepare for weeks, just to be let down and end up disappointed? This was completely the opposite. We had the absolute best, most special day and I went to bed last night with a happy heart and full (of candy) tummy.
I promised myself before Bear was born to strive to be the most festive mommy I could possibly be....and yesterday was definitely a test of that goal. Is there a Halloween Vacation movie? If not, they could've filmed us yesterday and it totally would've been worthy. We were all kinds of crazy festive. And wouldn't have it any other way.
 It all started with Bear's first coloring book on Halloween Eve. He loved it! He carried his crayons and masterpiece (with a little help from Mommy) all over the house.

Halloween breakfast= Jack o Lantern Eggo's
After breakfast and a nap, we headed to Bear's playgroup's big Halloween party. We had such a great time!
Ready for the biggest news of all? This little Peter Pan won FIRST PLACE in the costume contest! There were about 40 precious babies, so it was a big honor. It was also Bear's first cash prize :).

It's hard work being a winner.
I dressed up as Tiger Lily...a simple, ten minute costume. It was so much fun being Bear's wingman!

Once Zach got home from work, it was time to trick or treat. We just hit up a few houses on our street and hurried home to greet trick or treaters and hand out candy, which ended up being Peter Pan's favorite part.
Peter and Captain Hook

jack 'o Lantern pizza for supper
pumpkin pie for dessert 

Peter Pan had lots of fun rummaging through his goodies. We kept finding him digging in his candy bucket. Several of his friends came over and helped pass out candy; they had fun seeing all the other kids in costume and trying to steal each other's candy.

I just can't explain how happy this day made me. Holidays are so much more fun with a little one! It's bittersweet though, because yesterday was also Bear's last "first" holiday. That just can't be possible! Time needs to take a big fat chill pill and slooooow down.
Hope your Halloween was the most special, spooky one yet!!!


  1. What a great way to celebrate Bear's first holiday! So awesome! You really did an amazing job!

    That is so great that he won first place! He totally deserved it! Such a great costume! You looked amazing too!

    Glad you all had a wonderful time!

  2. I think that was the most fun Halloween I have ever heard of! I totally know how you prep yourself up for something and get let down so I'm so glad it was the opposite:) Bear looked so dang cute! Cutest Peter Pan I have ever seen! you are such a darling mamma! I loved the jack-o-latern pizza. SOOO cute! (PS congrats to Bear for the win! HE deserved it!)

  3. What a cute costume!! Congrats on his costume contest win!! Well deserved for sure. I am like you in that I want to do every single thing I can think of for the holidays when my nieces and nephew are around, and sometimes my sister has to reel me back in. haha It's just too much fun with little ones around. How can we stop ourselves?!

  4. He looks so cute I am just dying over here!!! Just a few houses is perfect for a little one. You really went all out for him and that is so special. Oh, your costume is pretty cute too!!

  5. what a sweet, sweet happy halloween you all had!!! he is the cutest peter pan ever!! and his mama makes a beautiful tiger lily! congratulations on the big win bear - i hope you treated yourself to something nice with all that loot!! you made his first halloween amazing, brittany!! i love that you made him pancakes...and the coloring and hand prints...too cute! i can't wait until piper can color. i LOVE coloring. it's so relaxing!
    i'm so glad it was a beautiful day for all of you! love all the photos...especially the one of him outlined in green...his sweet expression. i just want to hug him.
    and i love his halloween onesie!
    ok, i'm off to catch up on your posts! :)


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