Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Pictures

all pictures by Cherry Street Photography
Happy December 1st!!! This year has truly flown by but we are so excited that the holidays are in full effect and Christmas season has officially begun (even though we've been listening to our Bing Crosby White Christmas album for 3 months now). We hope your Thanksgiving was full of food, friends, family and, of course, pie!

We took these pictures about a month ago with Bri Sullivan of Cherry Street Photography in a field close to our house and are so pleased with how they turned out. Bear was teething and wasn't in the best of moods, but Bri still captured his little personality so well. Can't wait to show you our Christmas card! :)


  1. so, so beautiful! love that they were taken during golden hour! you have a beautiful family!

  2. This pictures look great!!! I just got our's back today and can't wait to share them. Bear is such a little ham, makes you wanna squeeze his little cheeks!!!!!

  3. Your family photos turned out adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness Brittany, these are fantastic!!! Y'all just look so happy and full of joy!! Happy Holidays!!

  5. IM DYING!!! these are beautiful brittany!

  6. these are absolutely beautiful, brittany!!! and so are you and your family!
    ahhh, bear's sweater...and those suspenders...the whole outfit...i just love him. i'm going to show piper her boyfriend's pictures. she'll be smoochin' the computer screen. :)
    i love the way the sun is shining in these photos...such a gorgeous area to take pictures! i'm sure it was hard to pick which ones you wanted for your christmas card. they are all so great. i love that you brought along books and his piano!! i'm dying at the photo of him standing at the piano...brilliant!!!!
    you're going to cherish these always!! happy, HAPPY december, beautiful friend!!!


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