Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Christmas Card Display

For several years, I've been searching for the perfect way to display the beautiful Christmas cards we receive in the mail all through December. Our go-to in the past has always been the refrigerator, but it's just not feasible anymore. There are birthday cards, wedding invitations, and grocery lists that get in the way of our prized Christmas greetings.

Our mantle was looking a little plain; we considered adding some garland but, let's face it, garland's a tad bit boring. Isn't this much more fun and festive? :) 
We thought so too! Every afternoon, Bear and I run to the mailbox with crossed fingers, hoping for a new card to clip on the line. It's so much fun; I know he'll love it even more next year!
You'll need:
-jute twine
-mini paper clips (regular work too)
-your family Christmas card
-white card stock
-festive scrapbook paper
-hot glue gun

Cut cardstock about 1/2 inch larger in diameter than your family Christmas card. It's going to hang in the center and needs to be the biggest!

Cut scrapbook paper slightly bigger than cardstock. Glue (or tape) both pieces together and onto Christmas card.

Take clothes pins and cut a small strip of scrapbook paper to fit on one side (you can do both, but I was lazy and just did one. The other side won't show!). Take a dab of hot glue and glue paper onto clothes pin.

Hang jute twine using tape or tacks and start clipping up those pretty cards!
We keep our stockings in the sitting room but if you hang yours by the chimney with care, there are plenty of other places for this banner! If we run out of room before Christmas, I'll put another one around our backdoor frame.

 We ordered our cards from Tiny Prints this year and are so pleased with the quality and design. I love showcasing our card in the center of the banner; I smile every time I look up and see Bear's sweet face jammin' out on the piano.

How do you display your Christmas cards? I'd love to hear!

Hope you're having the happiest of holiday seasons! Only 13 more days until Christmas Eve!!!!



  1. I love this idea, Im always looking for a new way to display our cards. This year we have a new entertainment center so they are displayed on top of there and it looks so festive.

  2. It looks great! What a good idea. I usually just put them up on a shelf but this looks way better. This reminds me. We need to order our card this week!!

  3. It's perfect! Such a neat and simple idea!

  4. I am so annoyed that Garrett and I don't send out Christmas cards. Every year since we have been married I keep telling myself we are going to and then I wait until the very last minute and end up not doing it. It's silly really. One of these years y'all will FINALLY get one from us I promise! Also, this is a really cute idea! I might steal it!

  5. i love your mantel!!! it's so cheery and festive!! the red and white paper makes the cards really pop! your christmas card is beautiful! i can't take bear on the piano with his little bowtie!
    i put all of our cards on the fridge and make a huge collage and keep most of them up year 'round. i've got a pile of them on our buffet table and i'm waiting another day or two to make the new collage. :)
    you have the cutest ideas!! thanks for always sharin' them!! xoxox


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