Monday, March 3, 2014

Hawaii Part 5: Pearl Harbor & Hanauma Bay

 By far the most meaningful and important thing we saw while in Hawaii was Pearl Harbor. There are really no words to explain the feeling you get while standing in the memorial, atop the USS Arizona. Knowing that there are hundreds of men buried below you, their lives taken while bravely serving our nation, is an unforgettable moment. It's something I hope all Americans can experience once in their lifetime.

After leaving Pearl Harbor, we went to visit my brother at Hickam Field. Such a beautiful base!

Another spot we really enjoyed on the island was Hanauma Bay. It is absolutely, straight-out-of-a-movie gorgeous. Little mongooses running wild, giant palm trees, and a coral reef that makes for fantastic snorkeling. It was actually my first time! I loved it but got a little freaked out at times when I felt "stuck" and wasn't sure where to turn. Luckily Zach and my brother, Shane, were right by my side. Best quote of Hanauma Bay came from Shane (in a very excited voice): "Come look down here, Britt. It looks like something straight out of The Little Mermaid!" It totally did. :) I'm proud he remembers the movie I made him watch 87 times.

Thank you for sticking with all of these Hawaii recaps. I'm limiting myself to only two more. It's just so hard to narrow down pictures from a great trip!

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Can't wait to catch up on your blogs.



  1. Pearl Harbor is such a moving place. I can't even count the number of times I went when we lived there. So touching each and every time.
    Hanauma Bay is such a beautiful place, and the drive when you leave there….breath taking!!!

  2. Only 2 more!? I'm loving these recaps, as I'm sure everyone else is too! I was just thinking that you were keeping your pictures to a minimum and I don't know how! I go picture overboard lol. Pearl Harbor must be an amazing place and must conjure up so many feelings. I'm glad y'all went and experienced it all. Hanauma Bay is GORGEOUS! It really does look like something from a movie! I love your outfit, the romper and hat. SO adorable! The picture of Bear walking is too cute, he looks like a tiny grown man!

  3. So beautiful!!! MJ loves snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. I was too chicken but he had a blast out there and took some pics underwater.

  4. Aw, this sounds incredible. I have plans to go in September and can't wait- and this totally reassures me! Your little Bear looked adorable too.

  5. ahhhh, it really does look like it's out of a movie...insanely beautiful. that water!!! those mountains!! your pearl harbor photos are so neat...the one of bear walking from behind. could he be any cuter? i bet the underwater little mermaid views were just incredible!!
    i love your recaps...keep 'em coming! i always find it hard to narrow down the pictures too. just post them ALL!!! ;)
    hope you had a relaxing night! xoxoxox

  6. I love the Hawaii recaps, keep them coming :) And you are not nearly as bad as I am ... I think you're doing so well limiting yourself ;)

    Again, everything looks perfect. I love your romper outfit with the hat, SO cute!

  7. We had great time at Hanauma bay. It's a perfect spot to experience Hawaii's marine life. We got there about 7am and the parking lot was full when we left at 10:30am. Hanauma Bay is a preserve, and it seems to be managed well. . great snorkeling - so many colorful fish. The water was cloudy on our visit because of the ocean surge outside the Bay. T Be sure to look your car and take valuables with you as the lot is known for theft. Here’s some photos from our visit to Hanauma Bay.

    Tom @


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