Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hawaii Part 6: Paradise Cove

It's common knowledge that when in Hawaii, you must attend a luau. I kept thinking we didn't have to go to one and feared they were overrated, but Shane and Scarlett booked one at Paradise Cove and completely proved me wrong. It was amazing! Every bit of it, from the food, to the entertainment, to the scenery, was completely perfect. Such a great night!

Yes, this is legit. The red one on Scarlett is named Foxy. :) 

matchy matchy matchy

All Zach's idea. He says Bear will thank us when he's 17.

Yes, that's a man up there! He climbed this tree in a matter of seconds.

Bear got on stage to do the hula!

This was one of our favorite nights in Hawaii and we'll never forget baby Bear doing the hula on stage...or all of us nonchalantly holding parrots to pose for a photo. I'm sure Zach won't forget the hula dancers anytime soon, either ;).

Can you believe it's already Thursday? Where has this week gone? Little Man's down for a nap and I'm off to get a few chores done before he wakes up. Hoping tomorrow brings warmer weather in Texas and to all of you!


  1. These pictures are perfection. Looks like such a great time and Zach is right, Bear will so thank him, haha.

    And yes, this week flew!

  2. Ahhh that looks incredible! Bear has to be the cutest hula dancer ever!! :) What a great pic of all of you together with the parrots. I love all of the bright colors. Stunning.

  3. Paradise Cove Luau is the best one, we went to several while on island and by far my favorite. Looks like you had a great time, makes me miss living there so much!!!
    Im glad you got to experience to much of the island while you were there. So much better to go when you know some one that lives there vs. just going on your own for vacation. That way they can show you all the good and also hidden spots!!!!

  4. We did a luau the first time we went. I think you have to do at least one in your lifetime when you go to Hawaii.


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