Friday, July 18, 2014

Being a Boy Momma

Lately, it seems a day doesn't go by that someone doesn't make some sort of a comment about little boys.
"Oh, I'm so glad I have girls. How do you do it?"
"I really hope our next one is a girl. Boys are too much trouble."
"How do you have enough energy to chase a toddler boy around all day?"
Yes, all three of those statements have actually been said.

The truth is, I love being a boy mom. Sure, there's lots of dirt under his fingernails on any given day. And he'd rather play in rain puddles (barefoot) than sit quietly playing with dolls. He picks up worms and bugs and everything else that he thinks will make Momma squeal and squirm.
But all those things aside, he is so, so, so very sweet. And we are so proud to call him ours.
Sure, he's a rascal. He's been known to run from me in Target (cough cough, this afternoon). He begs for Dum Dums and he hates veggies. He kisses girls, on the lips, in front of their daddies. Brave little Bear.
But he is my precious little boy, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I'll take the dirt under the fingernails any day as he showers me in kisses. The way his eyes light up when Daddy gets home completely melts our hearts. I see the relationship my brothers have with our Mom and know that his wife's chocolate pie will never hold a light to mine. And he'll always, always be my little boy (even when he's taller than me in a few months).
Being a boy momma challenging, sure. But parenting is challenging as a whole, no matter the gender of the child. Every child is a blessing, a gift, and we couldn't be happier with ours.
Love you, Bear Clayton.


  1. Awh, what a tribute to Bear. Please save this for him to read someday. Love the picture.

  2. People are so silly! Little boys, little girls...what's it matter? They are all precious, especially this little Bear! He looks like his daddy. : )

  3. I was a boy mama for 10 years to 2 beautiful boys before my little girl came along. I truly had no idea if I could be a mama to a little girl. I will take the dirt (clay from baseball fields), cleets laying around, guitar playing, stinky smellin boys any day any time. I love my little girl to bits too of course (she plays with dinosaurs & race cars while dressed in her pretty dresses ;) ) I must say though I'm glad we had our boys first :)
    Everyone has their opinion. You are handling it quite well!!

  4. I always thought I would have little girls, but now that i'm having my 3rd boy soon, I can't imagine it any other way! I love my boys! They do keep me on my toes, but it's so awesome!

  5. Gorgeous Bear and gorgeous mama! I just LOVE little boys. xx

    Antoinette xx

  6. I LOVE this. Perfectly said mamma! Bear is so lucky to have you!

  7. You should never let anyone get you down about having a boy!!! They are the best and so much fun!!!

  8. Love this! I'm pregnant with my second boy and you should hear all the comments people make to me to me like, Oh no now you need to have a third so you can get your little girl or Oh you must be so disappointed you didn't get your girl. These drive me crazy!! I LOVE having a little boy and I think two little boys will be even more fun. I don't know why people assume that I would want a girl.

  9. this post brought tears to my eyes! you and bear are beautiful and blessed! i'm so sorry you've had to hear such words.
    i don't get it. i really don't. my friend's mom says "you get what you get, and you don't get upset!" i have to agree. every child is a blessing. i have friends who've heard similar things. the whole "trying so you can get a girl!" - i almost laugh when people say it. i hear it ALL THE TIME!! boy or girl, children are amazing! and your sweet boy sure is! <3<3<3


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