Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learning Letters (at 18 Months)

It's safe to say that Bear has a total letter obsession. Anywhere we go, he spots a sign and immediately starts pointing and sounding out each letter. He knows the phonetics of every letter of the alphabet (though he gets them mixed up occasionally). Zach and I cracked up last week when, on a trip to the mall, all of Bear's cousins were playing in the playground. Bear, on the other hand, was pointing at the JCPenney sign saying "J! J! C! C! C!" We love our little alphabet boy!
I'm not at all ashamed to share our secret. We've been working on letters for awhile, mostly through books and magnet letters on our fridge. Bear loves to play with and move around the magnets.
We hit the teaching jackpot, though, when we bought this DVD off Amazon for just $7.50.
He only watches it in the car, several times a week, and gets so excited every time we turn it on. He still doesn't say the actual letter name, just their sounds, but we're hoping that will come soon. We're continuing to do lots of reading and afternoons spent with sidewalk chalk. Bear loves when we write the alphabet on the driveway! #littlenerd

Next up is numbers; do you have any teaching tips? Leap Frog also makes a number DVD that we're planning on ordering soon, and hopefully it will be equally as effective.
Cheers to the almost-weekend!


  1. I think you might have yourself a little reader on your hands. Way to start him off young. He'll be saying those letters soon!

  2. That is awesome! As a teacher, I LOVE parents like you two! Getting him started early, not pushing it on him but letting it be something he enjoys, having him interact with letters (and numbers) in real life, correcting him and teaching him the proper sounds; all of those are such GREAT things! Way to go, Bear (and Mommy and Daddy)!

  3. I love this post! Learning letters at 18 months is very advanced so way to go Bear (and Mommy and Daddy)! We started with numbers because that was Barrett's favorite. I found that counting toys or the things he loved the most on a daily basis made it fun and he caught on quickly! We counted his pacis and now he loves to count with me in the car.

  4. so sweet he was screaming "J C!!" it's so awesome he's already learning his letters and the sounds they make!!! yay, bear!!
    i love his little expression near the fridge! he has the sweetest expressions!!

  5. Little smarty pants! Ryan love letters too so I feel you! PS. We are home and in Texas now- so we really need to get together!

  6. He's going to be on the preschool spelling bee team!!!! :)

  7. My oldest daughter loves playing a sidewalk chalk game with letters and numbers. We started it around two years old, but it was more of a seasonal limitation and could have been earlier. Try drawing the numbers in mixed up order in your driveway and then play a game where you call out a number and he goes to it and then back to you for praise. We started out with 1-3 and gradually added more numbers. She still loves to play this game - numbers, letters, colors, shapes, you name it!


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