Monday, August 4, 2014

Last (Last) Weekend

Not this past weekend but the weekend before, my sweet parents came to visit Bear us.

We had so much fun being lazy by the pool, eating great food, and of course taking Bear to "ing" (swing). Thank you, Mom and Dad, for such a fun weekend! Please come back soon!
Pictures from the visit...
 dinner at our favorite, Cheesecake Factory

My parents watched Bear so I could attend Cris' baby shower for Halle. Can't wait to meet the princess!

Daddy got Sunday morning donuts. Lots and lots of donuts.

Daddy also decided to color in marker all over Bear. Mommy was thrilled.

Elissa came to The Woodlands Friday afternoon which called for a Chipotle date!

My happy place.

Cheers to a fun-filled week and a great start to August!


  1. Looks like a weekend with a nice mix of everything!! I know my parents only want to see my nephew. We know that's how it goes with grandparents!!

  2. Summer Weekends, by the pool and out and about are so fun!!

  3. Aww have so much fun this weekend! I LOVE seeing you in places we go all the time! We need to meet up! I love bear in that first picture! ha so cute! And your suit is precious! Body alert! Hot mamma!

  4. between this post and the last one, i now want the cheesecake factory and chipotle!!!
    bear looks like he's lovin' life at the cc! :)
    so glad you had a great time with your parents! it's so sweet how often you visit each other. i bet bear loves their visits as much as they do! you can see how happy and proud they are in every photo!


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