Friday, January 30, 2015

This Week

Happy weekend, friends!
Can't believe another week has come and gone; they seem to be flying by so quickly lately. My little brother is currently en route to Houston, so we're all kinds of excited for a fun next few days!
Our week was full of play dates, treats, & and spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. It was in the high seventies almost everyday this week, which meant lots of park/driveway time for Bear & me.
afternoon treats, courtesy of Starbucks (salted caramel cake pop is to die)
play date fun at Aria's

mornings on the driveway

and an #ootd from yesterday...can you tell I have a slight B&W obsession?
nap time for Bear= relaxation time for Mommy

the sweetest bff's
just your typical bathroom selfie (Bear kissed himself in the mirror at least 18 times)

every day.

warm weather makes for perfect hammock time
Charming Charlie, Bear's favorite! ;)
I am in love with 3D fiber lash mascara. I don't have naturally long eyelashes; this stuff is like magic! One coat, no curling, gives me this result. Order yours here!

And because most posts only show our "highlights", here's a "behind the scenes" of yesterday when Bear decided to dump out a brand new bag of Cheetos on the driveway (and then proceed to eat a few). Ahh, life with a toddler.

Hope you have the best weekend!


  1. i am laughing so hard at the last photo!! hahaha go bear! pippy says she wishes she could've joined ya!! he is too funny and cute! a little driveway spice never hurt anyone! :)
    i loved catching up on your posts!
    looks like a sweet time with your brother! your post make me hungry for sugar!! i have a stash of candy next to me, but i told myself to stop a few minutes ago! haha!
    you're beautiful, inside and out! such a fun, amazing mama!! bear is blessed! and ohmygoodness, he's getting so tall! i love his orange and blue outfit! so happy!
    happy february!! <3<3<3


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