Friday, January 20, 2012

Honeymoon: Rome

Happy Friday, friends! I know, I know, our honeymoon was back in June/July. And I already did a (very weak) post on it when we first started this blog. That post just didn't do the trip justice. I talked a great deal about our adventures in Rome, Florence, and Venice but didn't show you a whole lot of pictures. Pictures are the best part, right? Here is the first of three posts, where our honeymoon began.

just getting off the plane, trying to decipher a map
 hitting the sites, jet-lagged yet thrilled (it's a strange, loopy combination) (and no, that's not my bike...unfortunately)
the purse, or "murse" in this instance, got handed off to Z at times
 Spanish Steps
Trevi Fountain
 not happy about being lost...
not happy about the lack of meat at breakfast...
Bless you, McDonalds, for being an international franchise.
He was pretty excited about this...

There you have it! The first leg of our amazing trip. It only got better and better (in our opinion), so stay tuned for more posts on our Italian get-away.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! I timed that just right. Got on to check the blog world and you had just posted...and about my favorite place on Earth nonetheless! : )

    I LOVE that dress by the way!

  2. You two are simply adorable, I hope to visit Italy soon and explore all that is has to offer.

  3. Looks fantastic!!! I hope we can go someday! Also, love your dresses, love the "murse", love your sunglasses, and LOVE gelato! :)

  4. Looks awesome! Was the gelato just amazing? I bet it was, mmm love gelato!!!

  5. So great! & you couldn't be any cuter! Love all you adorable outfits & your cute bun :)

  6. Awe I would love to go to Rome whenever we finally take a honeymoon. Looks like an adventure. ;)

  7. What an amazing honeymoon! I can't wait for the next posts.
    Rome looks fabulous!
    Girl, you've got such style! I love your dresses! And I love that you made sure to have gelato each day!
    I LOL @ "not happy about the lack of meat at breakfast."
    That is exactly how Steve would feel!

    I hope your weekend is wonderful!

  8. I want to go to Europe so bad. Brian is half Austrian, so he's been there a few times and wants to explore Asia and Australia (and everywhere else in the world) before he goes back to Europe but I said I wasn't going to see ANYTHING else until I see Europe!

  9. Britt - first off, you are sooo gorgeous. Ok, secondly, I am completely jealous of your Italian honeymoon. I've wanted to go to Europe my whole life. France, Germany, and Italy are the first stops I want to hit. I think we'd need a whole month :)

  10. You look adorable in all of your cute dresses!! I went to Europe for 3 weeks after college and visited all different places including Rome. We also ate gelato every day, and umm okay twice some days. haha I want to go back so badly with my husband. I know he'd love it (and he would've been so excited about the TAMU sign at the collosseum). :) Love the recap so far and looking forward to the rest!


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