Sunday, November 4, 2012

38 Weeks

Another week down! Excited to see whether or not we make it to November 17th on the updates!

 This week was pretty uneventful but in the best way possible. We had time to get some of those we've-put-this-off-for-months tasks done and enjoyed each other's company while it's still just the two of us. It's so difficult to believe that any day now, Baby will make three! We are all taking bets around here of when he's gonna make his big debut....any guesses? :)
To our Baby Boy:
You are getting to be such a big boy! Last night, I was laying on my side and your Daddy couldn't believe how BIG and "alien like" your movements were; it was crazy! Your hiccups now shake my entire belly, too. You really love fruit these days, especially pineapple and grapes; it's a new craving for Mommy but I'm giving you plenty of that good stuff (along with a few french fries). We are beyond anxious to meet your sweet self and are ready whenever you are :). We love you, Tiny.
How Far Along: 38 weeks, 1 day
Baby Size: 20 inches, 7ish lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 22-23 lbs.
Maternity Clothes? Ohhh yes. Some of my maternity shirts are even becoming "belly tees"!
Stretch Marks? No new ones to report
Sleep: Ohhhhh sleep. What happened to our lovely relationship? This past week has been pretty rough in the sleep department; I struggle to fall asleep and then wake up every hour-ish to tinkle. It wouldn't be such a big deal except that I'm at the point where it's really hard to get up/lay back down. I'm also up earlier than usual these days because there are constantly little feet in my ribs. Maybe God is preparing me for the months of sleepless nights ahead.
Best moment this week: There were lots of good "little moments", but I've really enjoyed getting to spend the weekend with Zach getting things marked off our To Do List and eating some delicious food.
Miss Anything? Drinking cokes without guilt
Movement: TONS this week. Even more than normal. Zach says he's wigging down in preparation...let's hope so!
Food Cravings:, crazily craving pineapple. There have been several nights the last two weeks where I woke up at 3am and raided the fridge for some Dole pineapple chunks. Yum! So funny that I didn't crave fruit all summer and now that it's November, that's what Baby wants.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Not yet...
Belly button in or out? Still volcano-ish
Wedding rings on or off? On & loose
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy/excited/anxious
Looking forward to: Meeting Tiny!


  1. Look at you! I am so excited. I can't wait for him to get here. I bet your so anxious. I don't think in a million years I looked this beautiful!

  2. I cannot get over what a beauty you are! Pregnancy looks so good on you!

    38 weeks?! Tiny is gonna be here so soon!! OMG! I can only imagine how excited you must be right now!

  3. Your glowing beautifully as ever, I say he makes his appearance around the 15th!! Just a random guess.

  4. love it!! i can't believe how big tiny has gotten!!! it's so crazy to think about a human living inside of you!

  5. you are SOOOOO close!! i can't wait to hear the news!! and still looking gorgeous! I'm in love with your hair every time you post pictures!

  6. Best friend you look gorgeous! Being pregnant looks so great on you! I can't believe Tiny will be here any day now...I am beyond excited and wish G and I could be there! I'm glad y'all had a quiet weekend and got to spend time together, those are the best weekends! Jealous of your pineapple craving, I wish I EVER craved fruit! Love you and Z and Tiny! And miss y'all of course.

  7. Oh, PS. If you are ever having trouble sleeping and are bored feel free to text me! I have been up until 2 or 3am lately! : (

  8. Beautiful!!! Happy 38 weeks!! Hmm, I'm not great with guess lately, but my guess is sometime between the 12 and your due I guess that's around the 14/15th. ;) so glad you're soaking up these days with Zach and enjoying lots of awesome food and pineapple!! I'm sorry you're not sleeping so well...I can only imagine getting up every hour to pee...I get up about twice a night now. My friend said the same as you...she thinks God plans pregnancy this at the end you get no sleep so it completely prepares you for baby's arrival...I think it makes total sense! :)
    I hope you catch a few zzz's tonight, Brittany!! Lots and lots of love!

  9. you look so great! So happy you are getting so close to meeting him!

  10. 38 weeks pregnant and still as beautiful as ever! I got your note in the mail and hopefully we will be able to see you at Christmas!

  11. You look amazing. As far as guessing. I think Tiny will arrive on the 19th. =)) As long as he is healthy and ready it's all OK.


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