Friday, November 2, 2012

The Diaper Bag

Hi ladies! I'm going to ask for some help at the end of this post so if you're an expert diaper bag Mommy, please read on!

Some of you may remember this post where I decided, back in July, to buy an over-sized Steve Madden purse and turn it into a diaper bag. I still love the idea, and the bag, but started feeling like maybe I needed the "real deal" for at least the first 6-8 months of Tiny's little life. I wanted something with water resistant lining that I could wipe clean on the inside (crusty milk is gross) and had plenty of functionality but didn't scream DIAPER BAG. After much searching, I fell in love with this diaper bag, the Babymel Satchel in navy stripe. I'm a sucker for stripes and I liked the shape of the bag more than most. Anyway, enough rambling, let me show you the goods!
 One of my favorite features is this insulated bottle pocket on the side. So handy!

I also like that the front flap opens up and has a separate outer pocket; I plan on keeping all my Mommy things in here. I'd like to keep my phone and wallet crumb-free, please.

The bag comes with a lightweight, portable changing pad. This will come in handy when Z is changing all those diapers on our outings :).
Is it bad that this sweet heart tag is one of my favorite features?
Now on to what's actually packed inside, as of now...

When preparing our registry, I read rave reviews on the Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag and we were lucky enough to have one purchased for us in Whale Watching Blue. I love it! It's so thick and durable and will certainly get plenty of use.

And now for your help, please! I've done tons of reading on what to pack for the hospital, but every blog/website seems to have different ideas of what's needed. Our hospital doesn't have a list on their website and at 38 weeks pregnant, it's getting down to the wire! Zach and I's bags are pretty much packed (I'll show you those, too!), but I'm afraid I'm forgetting things for Baby. So far we have:

1. coming home outfit
2. extra onesie, just in case
3. Itzy Ritzy wet bag (I realize this isn't necessary for the hospital stay)
4. newborn diapers
5. wipes
6. one pair of socks
7. one beanie
8. hand sanitizer (germaphobe first time Mom)
9. receiving blanket

What else did you pack in Baby's bag for the hospital? I know more things will be necessary as we venture out in future weeks, but I want to make sure we don't get any dirty looks from the nurses for not being prepared. Thank you for any suggestions in advance!
Happy Friday, y'all! Can you believe it's already November? Bring on the pumpkin desserts and Christmas carols :).


  1. love your diaper bag. i love that it isn't the normal diaper bag.

    hope you get the help you need. unfortunately all i can say is that it's cute, ha.

  2. As I sit here racking my brain for anything I could think of that you might need (and also laughing and agreeing with Faith's comment) all I can come up with is....candy. You are gonna want a small stash of candy on the drive home. I just know it. Make it celebratory candy. Ok, so I have nothing. Except that it is a cute diaper bag! : )

  3. As a first time Mom ready to deliver any day now, i've been lookign for things to fill our bag as well. Someone recommended sunscreen (not really neccessary right away), boogie wipes,disposable bags for used diapers, stain remover, soother, teething toy?
    All the best to you in the next few weeks :)

  4. that diaper bag is way cuter than most I see! and love that whale print!!!

  5. Our hospital provided diapers, wipes and swaddling blankets. You don't really need anything else for the baby besides an outfit. You might want to get little booties for his hands as they come out with scratchy fingernails. Also, you don't have to wear their ugly hospital gown if you don't want to...I asked to stay in my tank top and it was fine. :) (I also brought my own pillow).

  6. Cute bag!!
    Our hospital had diapers, wipes, swaddling clothes and anything we needed for the baby. So we just packed a going home outfit, a cap, socks, hand mittens for scratching and a blanket.

    Really I thought it was the stuff for me that made the difference, especially if you are in labor for awhile and\or need to stay a few extra days. I could give you a whole list of what to bring for mommy (and daddy). But maybe you have a blog post about that coming up? Just let me know if you are looking or tips. Would love to help you out! :)

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  8. LOVE your diaper bag - it's so cute and versatile!! I was just saying to Steve last night, I don't picture myself getting a typical diaper bag. Ahhh, it must be so crazy packing for Tiny's arrival!! I always pack like I'm going away fior a year, so I can imagine what it is must be like to not only pack for you but for a whole new addition! :)
    Here's a link from Babycenter about packing -
    Lots of luck!! Hope this weekend is wonderful so far!!! Xoxox

  9. Mittens (Carter's stay on great), pacifier (just in case...great for shots too), a nail file (they can come out really sharp and clippers are a no no), and anything you want his hand or feet print on. :) Love the bag!

  10. First of all compliments on that gorgeous diaper bag. I love it. I will benefit from this question you asked too, since I also have no idea (am not sure) what to pack for my hospital stay.


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