Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Man's Nursery

Hi, friends! I've promised this post for weeks now and the day has finally come to reveal Little Man's nursery to you all. Hope you enjoy!

When brainstorming ideas for a nursery "theme", we wanted something different and unique yet simple and meaningful. I dreamed of the day we'd be able to sing lullabies to our Baby Boy and one my grandpa used to sing to my brothers and me stuck out:

Let's go riding on a cloud, where the angels play.
Where no teardrops are allowed, throw your cares away.

We decided to use these words as inspiration and create a space centered around dreams, wishes, and all things calming.

We found these globes at Michaels and wanted to incorporate them in the room somehow. I found the glass vase at Target and they fit perfectly inside.
I made the mobile a couple months ago to match Baby's bedding but ended up hanging it over the changing pad. We like how it brightens that corner of the room and will hopefully entertain Tiny during diaper changes.

All of the bedding was made by our close family friend, Ann Allen. She did an awesome job! The fabric came from JoAnns and Hobby Lobby. My grandma also sewed the pillows and gave Tiny the sweet sock monkey. More detailed bedding post here.

Zach designed the prints hanging over the crib; they are the lyrics to the song our Papaw Joe sang to my brothers and me. The wicker chair came from IKEA.

I found this basket/hamper at Home Goods; it's just right for holding all of Tiny's toys (as of now!).

The sheepskin rug was our first purchase for the room; we knew we wanted a soft post-nap play area. The six botanical prints were purchased at a gallery near our house in Old Town Spring.

The reading nook is probably my favorite part of the room. I can't wait to rock Baby and read story after story to him. The shadowbox on the wall holds Z's baby outfit and shoes, and the chalkboard came from IKEA. READ letter tutorial here. My incredibly talented husband made the tree trunk on that here.

The glider/ottoman was a gift from my grandparents but the original cushion fabric was denim and didn't match the nursery at all. My mom had the cushions recovered in upholstery fabric from JoAnns and the chevron fabric is from Hobby Lobby. The baskets are from Home Goods and are perfect for holding books and stuffed animals.

Zach painted the picture over the dresser; I love how it brings together different colors in the room. We found the miniature piano at an auction, fell in love, and had to have it. Zach made the little bench to match.

The lamp is from World Market and the book was Tiny's first book, given to him by my parents.

The dresser was a Goodwill find that we fixed up a few months ago; post on that here. Initial letters from Michaels, changing pad cover from this Etsy shop.

Thank you for sticking with this long-winded post! If there's anything in the room I didn't explain or forgot to list where it came from, please feel free to ask. This room was such a labor of love...from the walls, to the bedding, to everything in between.

I've shared this before, but here's a quick B/A wall picture...
 I'd say it's come a long way. Now all we need is Baby Boy and everything will be complete.

Currently working on a post to show you Little Man's closet; promise it won't be nearly as long!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Brittany is it normal that I just had tears well up in my eyes? I'm so damn serious. I don't know what is wrong with me?! I promise I'm not pregnant.

    But I am in absolute love with Tiny's nursery. You can just see how much time, work and effort went into creating this perfect nursery. Wow. It is beautiful.

  2. Oh what an adorable nursery. Tiny is going to love it for sure!! All of the personal and sentimental touches make it so perfect! Thanks for sharing all of those details with us.

  3. So in love with this nursery! You and Z put so much work and love into it for Tiny and it shows. He is going to be so happy in there. I love the reading nook, it is cute, comfy, and a spot you and Tiny will share many sweet moments. The shadowbox with Zs baby clothes is ADORABLE, I may copy that idea when it is mine and G's turn. Ann did such a great job on his bedding, it turned out perfect. I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery with Baby in there too! : )

  4. Brittany, Tiny's nursery is so beautiful and inviting!! You, Zach and baby are going to feel so much peace in that room! I LOVE the dresser. We are getting ready to sand down and paint the changing table from when I was a baby. The color you chose is fabulous!! I love that you incorporated the lyrics from that special song in his room - Zach did an awesome job with the pieces above Tiny's crib! You are going to spend so much time in that room with your little man - loving every bit of it! The reading nook is perfect and calming and so pretty. Ahhh, isn't it crazy you could be sitting there with him in days??! :):):) So, so happy for you!! Thanks for sharing all the beauty of your amazing journey to mamahood!! Can't wait to follow the next chapter. Much love and tons of happy thoughts being sent your way!

  5. this is seriously the cutest nursery. that mobile is should sell those!! It's the home'll be rocking the sweet little boy to sleep soon!

  6. I am in LOVE with this nursery! You guys did such a good job on it!

  7. it's perfect! now you just need you baby to go in it :)

  8. I love how you spent soooo much time and effort into every detail. You could have just bought everything, but the special thought that went into each piece is priceless. I love it!! What a lucky baby!!

  9. I love it you both did a fabulous job. I like you you reused and refurbished so much in his room. You are going to make so many wonderful memories with baby Tiny in the years to come in his nursery!!!

  10. Love Love Love it!!! Every little detail is perfect!! Now you just need to fill it with a baby! :)

  11. Brittany, I love your nursery! You did a wonderful job making it perfect for your sweet boy. :) He will be here before you know it! I saw your lates bump picture on Facebook, you are on beautiful momma-to-be!!

  12. so adorable!!! your baby boy is going to love it! you did a fantastic job!

  13. Brittany - Wow love the nursery!! You guys did a fantastic job, warm cozy and inviting. Also love the fact that it's not to themey. Love and hugs to you - Melanie

  14. Absolutely beautiful! What a lucky little boy! You guys did a great job, everything looks amazing!

  15. Looks SOOO great, you guys did an awesome job!!

  16. I love it!! It is soo perfect!! You guys did such a beautiful job!

    I can't wait to start binky and winky's nursery. So many ideas!

  17. Britt! You did amazing!!! It looks so darling!!

  18. WOW this is truly one of the best, most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen. So many gorgeous things, so educating too. So many cute objects. I love it soooo much.

  19. The entire room is just perfect but that mobile... WOW! Have you thought about having your own etsy shop and selling whimsical mobiles!?


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