Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

 Happy, Happy Birthday to my beautiful Momma. My best friend, walking partner, and the sweetest person I know. She has done more for me than I could ever repay and the example she has given is one of pure love, nurturing, and unending support. Her patience is that of a saint (trust me, we've tested her...) and if I'm half the Momma to Bear that she's been to my brothers and me, I'll have done my job. I love you, Mom. Zach loves you. And Bear, well, he really loves you. :) 
I also want to say a huge, HUGE thank you to all of our military, both past and present. As we celebrate our freedom and spirit this Memorial Day, may we more importantly remember the lives lost fighting so valiantly for those very freedoms we enjoy every day. There is no greater sacrifice. There should be no greater honor.
Let's hug some soldiers today.
A personal thank you to:
Clayton Brown, "Papaw Clayton" (RIP)- Army
Joe Mercer, "Papaw Joe"- Army
Eugene Fullwood, "Peepaw"- Air Force
Ken Ewing, "Uncle Kenneth"- Army, Air Force, Marines
Shane Mercer- Army
Ryan Mercer- Air Force
Though their lives weren't lost in duty, we are forever grateful for their service and willingness to defend our nation.
Enjoy some cake, Mom. And be very proud of the brave sons you raised.


  1. I love this post! Happy birthday sweet Candy! : ) I feel so proud to be best friends with someone who has such amazing brothers and grandparents that fought for us to have what we have. I can't imagine how proud you feel! Happy Memorial Day, I hope you get to talk to Shane and Ryan! Calling you soon, I miss you!

  2. I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday!!! Love the old pictures :) And Happy Memorial Day to your family full of amazing heroes: we are blessed with wonderful servicemen and women!

  3. happy birthday to your mom!! i love that she is your walking partner! :)

  4. happy birthday to your wonderful mom! these photos of you and her through the years are so sweet...ohmygosh, you were such a cute little girl, brittany!!! i definitely see the resemblance of you in bear! i love that last one of the two of you and the second one of her holding your hand - so sweet!!! it's amazing, being a mother and now truly understanding what our own mamas felt/feel!
    sending love to you and your sweet family. <3<3<3


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