Friday, May 3, 2013


Just a few pictures from life over the past week...
SuperBear! The greatest part about bibs? They double as capes.

Elvis Bear
Sonic shakes are the BEST. Period. Yes, I tried Peanut Butter & Bacon. Yes, I loved it.
 lunch at Panera with our friends, Cris and Jagger
Godiva + The Boys of Summer (Don Henley version)= one happy Momma

hibiscus blooming in our front yard

enjoying Dickey's BBQ

shopping with sweet Peyton

The only good thing best part about shopping at Wal Mart? Enjoying a mocha frappe while Baby Boy snoozes!
 Hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend!


  1. He is so stinking cute. I love that you used the bib as a cape ! Priceless !

  2. oh man, i gotta try that bacon/pb shake!

  3. My husband would so get a kick out of that PB/Bacon shake. He thinks adding bacon to almost anything is cool!

  4. Elvis Bear and SuperBear are so so so cute!! And ahhh, his adorable chubby legs...I just want to squeeze them!! What a sweetheart!! Steve and I have been talking about going to Sonic with Piper soon...the closest one is about 15 minutes away! The pb and bacon shake sounds so sweet and salty!! I have been eating ice cream like crazy!
    So awesome you can shop @ Walmart and and get a McD's drink at the same time!!
    Between the Godiva, Sonic and McD's, I want sugar right now! :)
    I love the photos of you and Bear (and I love your outfit @ Panera)!!!
    Wishing you all a wonderful, happy weekend!! Xoxox

  5. Have a fabulous weekend with your little guy and the hubs!!!!

  6. Omgosh those chunky thighs!! I just want to eat them!

  7. Peanut butter & bacon?! No way! I'm scared but I want to try it! Too bad we don't have a sonic where I live.

    I love McDonalds frappes! So good.

    Bear is the cutest!

  8. You tried the PB and Bacon? I've been talking about how nasty that was all week! haha..

    How was it?

  9. PB and bacon!? My husband would probably love that! And those flowers are my absolute favorite- hasn't the weather been so beautiful!? You have such a beautiful fam! Glad you had a great weekend!xo


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