Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kitchen Fun

Every evening when Zach gets home, there's all kinds of celebration going on in casa de Fullwood. Pretty sure I shout say at least 58 times, "DADDY'S HOME!". Bear senses my delight and is even more excited than his Momma; his smiles in the pictures below give it all away.
supper-time with my boys

Last week, Z put Bear's highchair together so he'd have a place to sit while we eat. He hasn't eaten a bite of food in his chair, but he has tried to eat his Happy Lights Bear...
 It is getting HOT in Houston and making me dream of being poolside. I'm torn between not wanting Bear to be 6 months old on the 18th (I'm going to cry. For sure.) and wanting May to fly by so we can kick it at the pool everyday. Little Bear is going to be a Little Fish.
Thank you all so, so much for your kind words and support concerning our Etsy shop. We are really excited and are happy to be "crafting with a purpose". Plus, now I don't have to feel guilty about making it rain at Hobby Lobby. Sweet.
We have added lots of new listings to the shop, but I promise I won't torture you with shameless self promotion in every blog post. In the future, just check out the "Browse Our Shop" section in the sidebar for new listings! Thanks, friends!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Someone loves their daddy :) Summer Pool Days are the best!!!

  2. Meltttinggggggg.....

    Bear is just such a happy baby.

    I cannot wait for it to be (consistently) hot here in NYC! I dream of the pool.

  3. What precious photos of Bear and Zach!! You can tell they're best buds! I love the way Bear is holding onto him and smiling so stinkingly (that's a word) cute!! :) His smile is contagious! And the pics of him nummin' on him toy - so so sweet!! Crazy that he will be a half year in a couple weeks. Ahh, I feel like babies make time pass even faster. Why? Why? Why?!!
    I love Bear's little anchor outfit...he has the cutest clothes!!
    I was just about to wish you a wonderful weekend...but it's only Thursday. Lol! I need more sleep!
    Happy Thursday, beautiful mama! Xoxox

  4. What a beautiful baby you have! He is just too cute!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. I would love to read your feedback. Thank you :)


  5. Oh my gosh, that smile is adorable!!! I just want to squish his cheeks! And it is so hot here, except today was freezing!!! UGH I'm so ready for summer, heat, and hanging by the water! Nate just booked our anniversary trip to Destin: can't wait to go! And I'm so glad your Etsy shop is doing so well!!! Make it rain in Hobby Lobby, ha! You're hilarious!

  6. I love the first picture of Z and baby B. So very precious! I can't imagine how sweet I think it's going to be when G loves on our kid!

  7. That smile! Seriously it melts me! Bear is so adorable!

  8. Aw he is looking so much like his daddy! Congrats on the shop :)


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