Monday, November 21, 2011

Sitting Room, So Far The past week has been ca-ray-zay. For reals. We made it home to Sweetwater, where we are visiting our families and filling our bellies with all the wonderfully greasy food we've been missing over the last few months. Our internet went out (yet again!) late last week so I wasn't able to do this post as promised, but while my little brother's at school today I'm putting his laptop to good use. Thanks, Ryan!

As you already know, Zach and I recently bought our first home and are just getting started putting our personal touches on it. We are very pleased with the majority of the house, but the dining room was not to our liking. Zach and his sister Katy deemed it the "Thanksgiving Room". Doesn't it feel....Thanksgivey??
My grandmother gave us the most beautiful antique settee, chairs, and tea cart that I am dying to use. Between that and the fact that we don't own a dining table, we are turning this room into a formal sitting room. We're bringing back the furniture after Thanksgiving, so these bridals I took on the settee are all I have to show you for now. (please note the bright green trees behind the me biased, but I think the two pair up nicely)
 Isn't she lovely? (referring to the loveseat, of course...she definitely stole the show)
photos by In Bloom Photography
The chairs are almost identical to these, except pink of course.
image from here
My inspiration was something along the lines of this...shabby chic with floral touches.
image found here
Our first step was ripping the fruit away...
High ponytails are not ideal when painting. Drop something too close to the wall, bend over to pick it up, and you end up with a lovely skunk style.
Wearing glasses isn't a great idea, either.
I just love Z's little feet in the corner on the ladder. He worked so hard all day! Oh and yes, you remember how I rebelliously put our Christmas tree up here? Yeah, probably not my best idea ever. She got dragged from room to room during the painting process.
 After the primer...
It was around this time we realized two things. #1. The walls were two different colors. This picture doesn't show it very well, but trust me, it was no bueno. #2. The ceiling was a puke green that totally clashed.
Not wanting to make our third run to Lowes that night, we happily settled for painting the ceiling with a white paint/primer we found in the garage that the previous owners left. Much better, right?
I know, it's pretty green. So green, in fact, that Zach calls it our "weather room" and points at the walls like a meteorologist every time he steps inside.
 And we now know what it would feel like to be swallowed by Shrek.
So, lovely ladies of the blog world, what do you think? We contemplated leaving one wall green as an accent wall and painting the others white, but for now it's staying like this. No-one told us that painting a room is HARD! I have faith that once we get our furniture and decor all set up, this room will be just what we wanted. It's definitely more bright and cheery than it's previous Thanksgivey state. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. My dad just came in and saw the last couple pictures; he thinks it looks great.
p.p.s. My dad is colorblind.


  1. I think the room is definitely improved! The color is a little bright for me though (sorry!). A green that we really loved is Behr's Rejuvenate. It looks a lot like the Shabby Chic inspiration photo wall color. But that's the nice thing about paint, it can really change a room and it's easy to adjust if you find you're not in love with a color. I'm excited to see the room with furniture too, that can really affect how you see a wall color.

  2. #1. That furniture AND you looked great!!
    #2. It's so hard to judge paint colors from photos on the web, but my honestly opinion is that it is a tad bright. Like you said though, maybe once you get stuff on the walls and furniture in the room the paint color will tone down a bit. I love the fact that your Zach acts like a meteorologist in this room, my Zac would do the exact same thing! If it was up to him, all of our walls would be white. BORING! Good think it wasn't up to him ;)

  3. Oh don't be sorry for sharing your opinion; I very much appreciate it! You are right, the color is pretty bright. We keep teasing that it's "growing" on us...and it actually has. We are holding out until we get all the furniture, decor, and rug in the room until we make the final decision of whether to leave it or go with something a little more mild. The good thing about lighter colors is that it definitely makes a space feel bigger. I'll check out the Behr's Rejuvenate just in case we decide to change the color...thank you!!

  4. You are so funny Katie! Yes, hopefully once it's all fixed up it will tone the brightness down a few notches. Thanks for always leave the sweetest comments :)

  5. It's not a color I would pick, but that's okay. (Okay, long tangential story about why I'm not a fan of that shade of green--sort of a lime sherbet. My sister loved that color in elementary school. She wore it ALL the time to the point we called it "Sarah's green.") It's playful though. I want to see the mix of the modern color and vintage furniture. Your bridal portraits are super gorgeous! You look stunning.

  6. That is too funny...maybe your sister needs to come help me decorate ;)! You're right, the mix of the modern color with vintage decor/furniture will be a challenge to do but could end up working well if done right. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! Still maintain that the settee stole the show.

  7. i want to lick those walls to see if the paint came with lime sherbet flavoring. it's for sure bright, but i am a flashy, bling-bling kind of person so i love it! it's your room, your house, your money that buys the paint, so put the furniture and decor in there and then determine how you feel about the color :-)

  8. I think it's fun! My room growing up was almost the exact same color and when I moved out my mom turned it into her office and left the green walls! Years and years later it's STILL my favorite color!

  9. Painting and pickin gout colors is so hard! I painted our small bathroom a light purple and it turned out pretty bright. I'm not in love with it, but my husband warned me that it would be too much on all the walls before I did it. I dam leaving it though, because I don't wantto admit that he was right! Hee hee.

    Oh, and that is too funny about the weather man comment. I could see my hubby doing that too!

  10. Yes, the green is bright. Yes it's different. But, I think it's pretty neat! I think once you get your settee and decor up it will look good! You could add white curtains/shelving and such so it won't be too many colors. And a plain colored rug would help too. I can't wait to see the finished product Brit!

    Zach is silly! : )

  11. Live with it a while. Anytime you have a drastic color change it's a little freaky but once you accesorize you may find it's perfect !

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  13. The paint job looks great! Bold color, but can't wait to see how is going to turn out. Happy furniture hunting ;)


  14. Looks great man!! Waay better than before with the fruit thingy. Good job you two haha!

    - guess

  15. Isn’t picking out paint colors the hardest? Matt and I struggled with our colors. I ended up doing all light colors. Haha! I def. wasn’t as brave as you! Since I’m a new follower I’m behind. What did y’all decide to do?! Accent wall or leave it?
    Ps. How much does painting SUCK!! Ahhh! I was sooo over it.


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