Sunday, August 26, 2012

28 Weeks (Third Trimester!)

Third trimester....say whaaa?! Pretty much staring at those words on the computer screen like a deer in headlights. It's shocking, yet wonderfully exciting, to think that we are so close to meeting our Little One. This also puts new stress on this Momma as I begin to think of all the things that need to be done in such a short time. Number one on that list? Soaking up every minute of Baby being inside my belly. Every hiccup, every karate chop, even every lovely bout of heartburn is a reminder of this indescribable time I get to share with our Little Boy. The appointments and to-do list can wait...I'm busy loving this tiny, new life.
To our Baby Boy:
We've taken you lots of places this past week and you kicked your way right through them all. You especially loved the Journey concert; you played tons of air guitar and seemed to really enjoy Pat Benatar. Good taste in music, Little Man! Never listen to your Dad when he says "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" is a chick song. You really want cheeseburgers and fries these days, and Momma is gladly giving in to your wishes. We are counting down the hours until we get to see you on the big screen for your 4d ultrasound tomorrow. Please flash us a smile! We love you, Tiny.
How Far Along: 28 weeks, 2 days
Baby Size: 15 inches, 2 1/4 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 14-15 lbs.
Maternity Clothes? Mostly dresses and flowy skirts with a few maternity shorts thrown in the mix.
Stretch Marks? No new ones to report!
Sleep: Sleep has been wonderful the past week. Praying it stays that way!
Best moment this week: Feeling Tiny have the hiccups (twice)...such a sweet feeling.
Miss Anything? Vanilla lattes from Starbucks
Movement: Lots, and still loving it
Food Cravings: Anything with ketchup. I didn't crave fried or fast food at ALL the first 26 weeks or so; I would turn down Sonic and Whataburger, which blew Zach's mind. Now the french fry/burger cravings are really starting to kick in. Little Man wants grease.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Not yet
Belly button in or out? Still an innie, barely
Wedding rings on or off? On & loose
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but moody a time or two this week. Sorry Zach :/
Looking forward to:
1. Baby's big 4d ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. We can't wait to see his sweet face!
2. Going to a storage auction tomorrow morning....Zach is especially pumped. He watches entirely too much Storage Wars.
3. Flying to Colorado on Wednesday to spend a few days with one of my favorite people, Whitney (over at Keeping Up with the Cyperts). We plan on doing some baking and thrift shopping, two of our favorite things. I'm also getting to see my little brother and parents in Colorado Springs for a couple days. I've missed Ryan so much!
Hope you've all had an amazing weekend! Thanks for reading :)


  1. Beautiful letter to Tiny as always. I loved that he enjoyed the concert.

    He def has good taste in music!

    Happy 28 weeks!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Can't believe it's the third trimester: it has gone by fast! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Colorado and I can't wait to hear all about your storage auction fun! Have a great week!

  3. ah you are looking amazing at 28 weeks! Woohoo!

    and I am glad you like the hiccups--- I am getting a little sick of them! I mean, I am glad he gets him, it's like a reassuring sign he's okay and in there.. but it's like I get them every time after I drink something!

    and my rings just barely started feeling tight today! I think it was super hot today, but I'm hoping to make it 7 more weeks without taking them off!

    How cool you get a 4d ultrasound! You'll get to see baby's features!

  4. Wow it's such a lovely idea, i mean 'To our Baby Boy'! It really touched my soul. You're beautiful, and both you and your husband seem to have a great personality. Wish you luck and love! Followed with pleasure)

  5. My husband jut wanted in and said, "Kate, I hope you look like that when your pregnant." haha He means, you have the cutest little baby bump. :)

  6. Happy third trimester! So exciting!
    I am glad to hear you are sleeping well! I craved cheeseburgers and fries a few weeks ago like crazy and now, I can't look at them. I hope my craving comes back. Lol
    Have a ton of fun in CO with your friend and soak up every bit of these last few months, beautiful mama!

  7. You look wonderful! :) My husband and I were looking at this late last night and he is in love with your yard! "It's so green!" he said, which is something we don't see in Midland. Have fun in CO, can't believe Ryan is so grown up! What happened to the time?!
    :( crazy!

  8. i am getting so excited for you!!! many fun things are going on, and you've got it together girl!:)

  9. I hope that when you get here you are still craving burgers and fries, there is a place right by our apt called Freddy's that has YUMMY burgers and the most amazing fry sauce ever! I already told Garrett we were going! : ) I can't wait for you to get here!


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