Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trash to Treasure: Baby's Dresser

About a month ago, I was scouring one of our local Goodwills when I came across this lovely hunk o' junk. 

I knew it needed a LOT of TLC, but the potential was totally there to transform it into the perfect dresser/changing table for Baby's room. After tons of sanding, seemingly endless coats of paint, a little knob drama, and a few other minor hiccups along the's the finished product!
 Please excuse the messy garage!

Now if only my Hercules of a husband can find a way to get this bad boy upstairs, we'll be in good shape. I can't wait to get it all fixed up with a changing pad and organize the drawers. In these pictures the gray paint looks more white, but it's actually the same color we used on the nursery walls as seen here.

A small rundown:
blue paint: valspar Filoli Morning Glory
gray paint: valspar Gravity
glass knobs: Hobby Lobby
sealer: Rust-oleum Ultimate Polyurethane, Satin Interior (we swear by this stuff!)

And one more look at the transformation:

A HUGE thank you to my hard-working husband for all his patience on this project. He basically had to rebuild the drawers and replace the entire back of the dresser, all while taking orders from me in the process. What would we do without our sweet men, ladies?

Happy Hump Day!
What projects have you been working on lately?!


  1. i seriously love this! you make me want to do this just for fun!

  2. I LOVE it!!!! I wish I was as crafty as you! We are re-doing our bedside tables and they still aren't done (8 months) later. I blame it on the lack of having a house/need for them currently! Good job!

  3. It's perfection! I cannot get over how awesome the two of you are at this sort of thing! I wish I had half your talent!

  4. Oh I love it, it turned out great. He really is so crafty and creative at the building / painting and designing so things!!! Good luck getting it upstairs!!

  5. I'm so impressed!! that looks great!!

  6. Just love this transformation! Your hubbie is so talented and you have such a creative eye. Tiny is so lucky to have you as his parents! I'll bet that the knobs cost more than the dresser? I you want, please e mail me your address. I will make a baby card to send, when the time arrives. This won't be posted on the blog 'cause I have to approve first and I will just delete it. You are still looking like a model:) Hugs

  7. This is absolutely fantastic! The hubs did a great job on it!!! Gotta love the men in our life :) Have a good week!

  8. looks fabulous!! good luck getting up the stairs!

  9. Ok, so in about... I don't know... 4 years or so can I recruit your hubby to come re-vamp a goodwill dresser find for my unborn child??? lol. Seriously awesome!!!! Love it!

  10. fantastic!!! i can't wait till i have a garage/workspace to do furniture projects!! you're always inspiring me!

  11. I absolutely love this!!!! What an amazing transformation you must be so happy with the finished product. You have inspired me to do something creative and crafty.

  12. This turned out great, good job guys!! It will look lovely in baby's room I'm sure!

  13. ahhh, you make me so excited to decorate a nursery!! i have so much of my and steve's old furniture and i can't wait to refinish and paint some pieces!
    the color and detail is beautiful, brittany! zach is amazingly talented!!

  14. This turned out awesome! That thing was ugly before! lol good job! : )

  15. This turned out soo great!! I love it! We did this with a china cabinet and everyone really enjoys it! And I love this blue color! Great job, guys!!


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