Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maternity Style: Ruffles

dress: Krista Lee (gifted), belt:F21, bracelets:Glitter, necklace:F21, shoes:Payless

It seems that every time we take pictures, light bubbles find their way into the shots. I'll just keep telling myself it's the much anticipated "pregnancy glow" :).

This was another dress given to me by Zach's cousin's wife, Riley Ann, and it's quickly become a favorite of mine. The beading detail and front ruffles are so fun, especially when highlighting a baby bump. Just 'cause we're having a boy doesn't mean I can't wear ruffles, right? The belt isn't necessary, but I'm finding that belts show off a baby bump while also maintaining a's a win/win!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. We are working on the nursery (surprise, surprise) and hoping to have the walls done by tomorrow. Wish us luck!
Happy Saturday :)


  1. That dress is so cute!!! You are a beautiful momma to be: can't wait to see the nursery! And you need to do a hair tutorial soon: your hair is beautiful!

  2. This dress is just stunning. You looks so healthy and radiant. Your bump looks like it has grown so much in just a few weeks!

  3. Zach's cousin is the best!

    Love your outfit! You are so fabulous!

  4. You Have a particular and fun style with great taste.

  5. Riley Ann has some of the cutest stuff. That was so sweet of her to give you all these cute clothes. Girl, you are rockin that baby bump! You look so beautiful! :-)

  6. fabulous dress, brittany! i'm with ya on the belt and the bump - adorable!! i tried on a few of my belts the other day and i was like, hmmm, maybe not quite yet. just kinda looked like i had a mini gut :) but i can't wait to wear them!!
    you are beautiful and definitely glowing! i love the way the light made its way into the photos!!
    keep on smiling, pretty mama!

  7. aw, your maternity outfits are so cute! You are gorgeous. That dress is so pretty and girly!


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