Friday, August 17, 2012

This Week...

Baby and I discovered our love for Flatout. Wraps, pizza, breakfast burritos...the possibilities are endless!

We've enjoyed seeing our "pet", Mr. Frog, hang out on the patio every night.

We've devoured our chocolate covered macadamias from my parents' trip to Hawaii. So, so yummy!

They even brought Tiny a snazzy little beach outfit...

and a pineapple piggy bank...and a stuffed sea turtle named Limu. Thank you for all the goodies, Mom and Dad!

I started Julie & Julia, and am loving it so far. I never saw the movie but the book is a great read.

What made you smile this week?!


  1. All wonderful things! I am SO glad it is Friday, that's what I'm smiling about! And my new Kinder babies, of course! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. crazy.....i bought flat outs for the first time today!! i haven't tried them yet, but now that i've heard your review of them, i'm pumped to try them for myself!

  3. We used to always get those Flat Outs! I used them for chicken caesar salad wraps and they were good. Haha when my parents went to Hawaii they brought back so much stuff for us, included were 3 different kinds of Macadamia nuts. One was Spam flavored. EW! My dad thought it was funny. I can't wait to see Tiny in that Hawaii outfit, too cute! And...cute frog! : )

  4. Aww that outfit is sooo adorable! I can't wait to see pics of him in it. :) And these flatouts you speak of... I gotta get my hands on some, yummy!

  5. Oh i've never seen the Flat Out bread before, I'm gonna have to check into it and see if the commissary has it. It looks rather tasty. ps; way jealous of your parents trip to the land of aloha!!! but I love the treats they brought yall to enjoy.

  6. yummm...i love macadamia nuts! i was at the cheesecake factory earlier this week and almost got the macadamia cheesecake! that is such a cute little beach outfit for tiny. i am so excited for you and for everything that's coming your way.

  7. I love flatouts! I ate them every day last week!


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