Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Boys

There's something so special, so unique, about a father/son relationship. It's a bond that can't be explained or described, but can only be witnessed. And, when witnessed, is such a beautiful thing.

These two are best buddies. The way Bear's face lights up when Zach gets home from work everyday makes me want to cry; it's pure excitement and bliss. I'm reminded so often through these two the bonds that love and family create. I'm thankful for our son, our gift, and the love in which he's flooded our hearts.

Momma may take care of him all day, but pretty sure he'll always be a Daddy's boy.
And I'm okay with that. :)


  1. Such a sweet post full of cuteness! You know what? I kind of know the father son bond...when Garrett gets home from work Harley FREAKS out and cries and cries because he's excited. That's kind of the same thing right? : ) Bear looks so precious in these pictures. And happy! Z does too. You have a sweet, happy little family Brit!

  2. This post is perfect! Melts my heart. You can tell they are best buds! I love it :)

  3. Such a sweet post and very sweet pictures! Even though most people told me all babies love their momma's way more than their daddies, I get to witness the amazing father son bond as well! Barrett does the same thing when Steven gets home from work and I love it! Also, Whitney's post made me laugh out loud!

  4. ohmygoodness, this post is so heartwarming! you can see the true love they share for one another. and wow, can you really see how much they look alike!! i LOVE bear's touchdown pose! these photos capture their relationship so beautifully! thanks for making me smile this morning! i hope you and bear have a wonderful tuesday, beautiful mama! xoxoxox


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