Friday, August 16, 2013

Why Blogging's on the Back Burner

I'm not sure why I feel the need to vent on this topic, but I do know that it's something I need get off my chest a little bit. I have been feeling guilty about not blogging as much lately and I want to level with myself on the fact that blogging isn't everything.
For the past two years, this little blog has been a large part of my life. I would say "our lives", but truth be told Zach could really care less about it. I have loved, loved, sharing our projects, recipes, and weekend adventures in a "virtual scrapbook" format; it's been an outlet that has inspired me beyond measure and helped document our lives. For that, I am so very grateful to the blogging world. Plus, it has allowed me to grow friendships with all of YOU! And all of you happen to be awesome. Each one of you has helped me in some way, either through a recipe you shared that ended up being a hit at our Christmas party...or an outfit that I just had to go out and get (Zach doesn't thank you for that one ;) )...or an organizational tactic that's made our pantry a much happier place. Thank you, each of you, for being one of the main reasons I visit this little "world" everyday.
Now, on to the reason why I've been slacking. It's simple, really. Life
I have a baby. And a husband. And a business. And a television that constantly records The Real Housewives of Everywhere. Things gotta get done, and watched, y'all (who am I kidding? the only time I stop to watch TV is while Bear's nursing, and he's not a big fan of the crazy New Jersey housewives...).

It hit me really hard one day when I put Bear down in the living room and went to put away some laundry. When I came back, I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally I walked in the office and there he was, sitting behind the desk with a quizzical look as if trying to say, "But Mommy, where were you? You're always right here". He had crawled clear across the house to find me; he knew where I'd be.

I don't want Bear to remember me as the mom that sat on the computer blogging and posting things on Etsy all day. I want him to remember me as the mom that played and laughed and read and sang. I am that Mom. I'm happy to be that Mom. So what if I only post once a week? That must mean we're doing lots of fun things and that's exactly how it should be. Now, Bear's napping and I'm putting dirty dishes on hold to type this. It feels pretty good, but I know that when he wakes up I'll walk away and likely not finish this post until tomorrow (or the dishes, either). And that's okay. That's life.

Zach will come home this evening and we'll have a gourmet dinner of sandwiches, chips, and Gatorade. Then we'll talk about our days and play with Bear on the living room rug while watching Wheel of Fortune. 
The old Brittany would've been planning her next blog post in the back of her mind, but those days are long gone. I'll post when I'm inspired, when I get a moment to relax and unwind. In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying my boys and soaking up each and every moment of this sweet life. Because, despite the hustle and bustle, it really couldn't be any sweeter.



  1. As you should! Life is meant to be lived and not just lived so you can blog about it! I totally get it. I'm actually down to about 2x per week now,but than again I've never been a daily poster. I don't have THAT much to talk about AND I don't want to burn out on this thing I love. I think if you say 1x per week that's fine and you will really look forward to that one post per week and not have it feel like an obligation. Enjoy your wonderful family!

  2. I absolutely loved this! You are so right! Blogging is not everything. I myself am finally ok with not writing every day of the week. I'd rather just live.

    Bear is blessed to have you! You are a great mama!

    Now go on and enjoy your weekend ;)

  3. Perfect post! To some it takes years & lost moments to figure this out. You go live girl! Enjoy your family & we'll catch up when you have time :)


  4. Beautiful post! I have this conversation with my husband a lot. We both spend a lot of time on the computer, and that will have to change when (before!) baby comes. I don't want our children to place too much value on computers/tv/internet and I know they are going to learn what we show and teach them, so it starts with us. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Enjoy your sweet boys girl, and we will always be will your blog.

  6. Oh my gosh, last night I asked Eric to take Mia upstairs and put her on the computer and then I'll come help him lotion her up. He was like, what the crap?! He told me what I said (what I meant was to put her in the BATH!) and I laughed and said, "I don't know what I was thinking!" His reply? "I do! You were thinking of BLOGGING!" I actually wasn't thinking of the blog at all but AH! What a wake up call! It's definitely more important to be thinking of my baby and husband instead of the blog! If I have spare time? GREAT! If not? That's okay because that means I'm soaking up all the time I can with Mia!

  7. I love this! I started to feel this way about blogging a little while ago. I blogged about it, and started only posting when I had time/really wanted to and it has been so much more enjoyable! I agree with you, LIFE is so much more important to take the time and enjoy rather than planning some silly blog post. I'm glad you are making time for yourself to be with your boys and soak up all of that Bear love! I do miss you though, alot, and hope we can talk soon. I really need to hear about your life! Love you Brit!

  8. i LOVED this post, brittany!! having a baby definitely puts everything into perspective. as much as i love blogging and capturing/documenting moments, it's even more fun and beautiful to just live them. i like to blog when i have the time and when i don't feel rushed. i never can write if i just have a quick few minutes.
    i love your blog, all you share and the way you live your beautiful life...we'll all be here following along. :)
    i hope you're having a relaxing night, my friend! xoxoxox

  9. My blog totally took a back seat after I had the kids. There are just too many other things going on, so the first thing to go is the blog. I think blogging once a week (or whenever you find the time!) is awesome. Do what you need to do to be the best wife and mommy, the other stuff will work itself out. :)

  10. Hey Brittany, I here ya that sometimes we just have to "live" and not worry about being connected through blogging and other social media. It's still a fun way to connect with people, but all in balance. I don't even have kids yet and find it hard to fit everything in, so I'm in awe of all that you do!! Glad you are having fun with your little bundle of joy! That's the most important thing.


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