Friday, August 30, 2013

Lately (part two)

More instagram photos from the past week...follow @brittfullwood to keep up with us on the daily :).
Night walks around the neighborhood lakes are my absolute favorite. It's the only "me" time of my day and while I miss Bear the minute I shut the back door, it's much needed and appreciated (thanks, Z).

We had two birthday parties last Saturday; both happened to be at splash pads and we took full advantage!

Bear's playroom is coming along slowly but surely. This baby boy loves to play!
 Sunday mall shopping with Momma is much better with Pinkberry. (better known as PinkBeary in our family)
Dinner at Outback always calls for Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. Yes, we eat our fair share of desserts around here :).

 Speaking of desserts, a friend told us that frozen Twizzlers are a teething lifesaver. So far, it's really helped! Bear loves to gnaw on them and they seem to provide some relief for those poor puffy gums.

Favorite polish..."Wild Cactus" by Color Club thanks to Birchbox.

Bear and I got all matchy matchy in nautical stripes for our day with Aunt Beanie on Monday.
Which also called for lunch at Wunsche Bros. in Old Town Spring....and chocolate peanut butter pie. And buttermilk pecan pie. And ice cream. And three (Bear included) very full tummies.
showing off his game day earmuffs

My two best friends from college were in town last night and we hit up our favorite spot, Cheesecake Factory. Elissa (on the right) just got engaged and asked Brittney and me to be maid and matron of honor....we are thrilled! Let the planning begin!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy, but exciting, day. We're headed to College Station early in the morning for Texas A&M's first football game of the season, then rushing back to Houston for the BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!! Zach is Bear-sitting and I'm going with four very fun, very enthusiastic, girls. Absolutely cannot wait. T-shirts and signs have been made. We will get backstage.

Hope your Labor Day Weekend is a fabulous one!


  1. love bear's little hat!!!! too much cuteness as usual! :)

    happy friday!
    xo, sarah grace

  2. This is one of those posts that I am going to have to scroll back to the top to remember what all I wanted to brace's gonna be a long comment! First of all, I LOVE your sunglasses! Where did you get those? Glad Bear got to celebrate at a splash pad, that looks like so much fun for mamma, daddy, and Bear! Chocolate Thunder from Down Under...ahhhh so good! Everytime we go there I talk G into letting us get one. He's not as obsessed with dessert as I am. You two look perfect in your matchy stripes, love it! I have decided, from the pictures of those slices of pie/cake, that we have to go to that Wunsche Bros place sometime! I can not stop giggling at that picture of Bear in those ear muffs. It is so funny, his chubby cheeks are adorable. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Brit and E! I didn't know you were making signs and shirts for the Backstreet Boys concert, how fun! You didn't get backstage and not tell me did you!? Getting backstage is the BEST, I still can't beleive I got to meet Taylor after her show. Ok, done. LOVE you!

  3. i always smile when i see all the desserts you eat! isn't sugar the best?! lol it's my favorite...especially since piper was born! wish we could share a dessert (or ten)!!
    bear's eyes are so blue and pretty - he is gonna have the girls knocking your door down! :)


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