Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lately (part one)

Just a smorgasbord of Instagram pictures for you all :). Follow @brittfullwood to keep up with our daily happenings!

This cute stamp at JoAnn's caught my immediate attention. Why yes, I think it would.

thrift shopping cuties
new canvas prints for the guest bath via Home Goods

This little punkin's ready for fall (so is his Momma).
sign that it's gonna be a great day

We love our morning walks around the neighborhood. It's so peaceful; Bear snoozes every time.

"I may not sleep in my nursery yet, but I sure know how to make a mess of it!"

Bear's first birthday is still three months away and the planning has already begun :). Zach doesn't get it.....and that's okay.

Zach had a 70's themed bowling event last Friday and wore a Semi Pro get-up (hilaaaarious). Bear wasn't a fan of the wig.
half touchdown and Mommy's favorite album

beautiful rain headed our way

Hope your week is off to an amazing start! Just a few more days and it's a holiday weekend...time to celebrate!



  1. Such cute pictures!! Bear always seems so happy.

  2. I love ALL of these. That last picture is AMAZING. It looks so beautiful! I love Texas rain storms. Um Bear is perfect. I love that he messes his nursery all up. ha such a Ryan thing to do. And blue and green for birthday planning is perfect. I love it and can't wait to see what you come up with! You are so creative! xo

  3. This post just made me 10 times more excited that we are coming to stay with y'all! I can not wait!!

  4. So looking forward to the holiday weekend, mainly bc its been a ruff two weeks back to school. Hope your doing well my dear!!!

  5. the afro on bear is just too awesome! hahahaha! i LOVE that photo!
    i meant to mention in the last comment that i LOVE the new playroom...so fun! he is gonna have a blast in there! what a lucky little man! <3<3<3


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