Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Time Fashion

Hi, y'all! For some time now I've wanted to start sharing "What I Wore" posts but I've been a little nervous to give it a try. I by no means have the most expensive nor best wardrobe, but I do believe that clothes are wearable art and love expressing myself through them. Plus, you ladies are just so sweet (and no-one can draw mustaches on virtual pictures).
blouse: Anthro, pants: Marshalls, coat: Wet Seal, shoes: Payless, necklace: Anthro, bracelets: thrifted

I'll admit it...Super Bowls don't fire me up all that much. Vanilla lattes, window shopping, and chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese are more up my alley (all three together is total bliss). Naturally when I walked out in this outfit to go to our friends' laid back Super Bowl party, Zach flashed me a quizzical look.
"Red pants?", he asked.
"Oh yes", I replied.
"Your legs must really want attention".
I shamefully suppose he's right. When you're barely 5'3, your legs aren't exactly taking center stage. They need a little "pop"; I like to call it lipstick for my legs.
ps- you should've seen his face when I threw on the leopard-print coat. :)

My sis-in-law-to-be Scarlett gave me this pretty blouse and necklace for Christmas and I am absolutely loving them. The necklace is such a versatile piece; I adore the mix of gold and silver that match just about everything.

Thanks for sticking with my first ever fashion-ish post, friends! You guys are the best.


  1. i love this outfit! the red pants are perfection!

    so happy you are doing this ... i always love what you wear!

  2. LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! omygoodness, zach sounds exactly like steve!! hahaha i love it...i am the same way. i love to dress up for any occasion. that top and necklace are amazing...ahhh, i love anthropologie but never really shop there except for my friends. i find some sweet pieces from there at thrift shops. red pants look great on you!!
    beautiful as always <3
    i look forward to more of these posts!

  3. You look fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing more amazing outfits:)

  4. you should not be nervous at all! you look gorgeous! there better be more what I wore posts!! : )

  5. I love that you did a fashion post! And I love that your outfits are affordable! This is exactly what I want to start doing. It's so nice to share unique styles!
    So much fun! Can't wait for more! :-)

  6. Gahh!! Loving this outfit!! I have been searching for th perfect pair of red skinnies for roughly, ever. No luck yet :(

  7. Ummm could you be any prettier?! Oh em gee. You are stunning!! Love the red skinnys...I so want to pull off a colored pair!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket! And the pants are fab ;) I agree with Emma - you are stunning!!!!

  9. I want those red pants!!! So cute!

  10. You look so beautiful! I love the leopard coat and red pants together. Adorable! I definitely think you should keep doing fashion posts! I always thought you should...

  11. I've also wanted to do What I Wore Wednesday, Im looking for other ways to update my blog besides food and I'm into fashion, I must say I have my own and nor do I have fancy taste, honestly I think I need more clothes but I work with what I have! Love the red pants, and love the photos!

  12. Just came across your blog - so cute! Loving the outfit post... that blouse is so pretty, and the red pants are awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. Love that look! But I'm mostly obsessed with those pants...such a lover of colored jeans right now :) Way to work it!

  14. You are so pretty! So glad I found your blog & followed! Your outfit is making me regret selling my red skinny's on ebay last year... what a cute combination with the polka dot shirt! Your style is so cute!

  15. you look great! im dying over your red pants :)

  16. What a darling outfit..you look so stunning, just perfect for a Super Bowl party. Love the red pants too. Your coat completes your outfit.


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