Monday, February 27, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Decorating: A Taste of Texas

Hi, y'all! Last week I talked about my brother's wedding here and the amazing weekend we all had. There are no words to sum up what a fabulous wedding it was; Zach and I were so grateful to be part of such a special event. Thanks, Scarlett and Shane!

We spent several weeks before the wedding preparing for the rehearsal dinner, which was "A Taste of Texas" themed. The wedding was in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and with Shane and Scarlett moving to Hawaii (this week!), we thought it would be a fun way to celebrate their roots. The dinner was held at Highpoint Manor in Wimberley and catered by Miss Mae's Barbeque.

Zach designed these tags, which we attached to favors.
 sacks for the "Cowboy Candy Bar"
Our friends Brittney, Ann, and (of course) Zach all worked so hard. Couldn't have done it without them. In fact, Ann and Brittney hauled 95% of this stuff all the way from Sweetwater. Hard workers indeed!
 Even Nana came and helped! Remember her famous Fudge Cake?
my Beanie! (nickname since college days)
Ann and Brittney went to town on the head table...didn't they do great? It looked so pretty that night with soft lighting and the candles flickering. Ann wrapped each mason jar in gingham ribbon and placed candles inside. We put carnations, daisies, and baby's breath in larger mason jars for a laid-back, country feel.
A bag of chocolate covered pretzels (in the shape of Texas' and boots) sat at each place setting.
 my little brother and Ann stirring up staying out of trouble
The banners were made using burlap from Hobby Lobby and a paint pen. We printed large letters off our computer, then traced them onto the burlap. We hot glued each triangle onto twine and tied ribbons for a little added flair. It was a messy job, but we were pleased with the end result.
(chicken, compliments of Ann and Allen's Fried Chicken!)
We stamped letters (from Michaels) onto cardstock and put it in a frame...simple sign!
Most of the jars, scale, and baskets belong to Ann, and my Mom bought the tin pails from Hobby Lobby. Once again, we wanted a very Southern feel.
 The sucker stand was made by using a small cake stand with a floral foam ring hidden under burlap, which was secured with twine. The suckers slid right in the holes of the burlap and into the foam.
I'll be back soon with a recap of the Rehearsal Dinner itself, once we were all able to sit back, relax, and celebrate our sweet Shane and Scarlett.

Also, a huge thank you to our dear friends Ann Allen and Brittney Granger. None of this would've happened without the hard work and creativity of you two. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love you both.


  1. Love the cowboy theme, the banners are wonderful!!Total fan of the candy table too! So many cute ideas!!!!!

  2. So fun! As a Texan, you know I adore it!

  3. that looks amazing! I love all the details!!

  4. such fun decorations, they are lucky to have you guys :)

  5. Brit! Your burlap turned out so cute! Zach is quite the little graphic designed, the tag he made looks awesome!

  6. Everything is so cute! Love the burlap banners!!!

  7. Such fun decor!!! You guys are TRUE Texans I absolutely Love that about you!!! You all did a fabulous job!!

  8. Brittany, this is amazing!! I'm in love...I've got to show my friend this...she will appreciate it too! You have such an eye for detail!

    The candy stand is so colorful and fun...everything is! :)

    Hope your week is off to a great start!!

  9. What a GREAT time we had planning and putting this all together! I'm ready for another project--how about you?

  10. You guys did a great job with the theme! Everything flows so nicely together and it looks great! (ps got your package today... I'll put a post up in a couple days, because I'm late on the Oscar post!) THANK YOU!!

  11. Brittany! Your post couldn't have come at a better time! My Mom and I are starting to gather together ideas for my brother's rehearsal dinner! I'm so excited - it will be my first attempt at it! Your's turned out amazing!

  12. Such an adorable rehearsal dinner! Loved everything!

  13. OMG! This is soooo cute and creative!! I love everything about it!! Good job guys!!

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