Sunday, February 26, 2012

Polka Dots & Lace

Hi, y'all! I'm back with another fashion post, as promised. I'm no model by any stretch, but my silly husband sure knows how to make me giggle.
dress: Forever21, tights: Forever21, necklace: J.Crew, bracelet: J.Crew, sunnies: Charlotte Russe, booties: Sears
Wanna know the funny part? We were actually trying to find a new church this morning. We got lost. Apparently our GPS thought the church should be where a Walmart stands.

So instead we hit up a nature preserve (which we stumbled upon by accident) in our "Sunday best",  then beat the lunch crowd to Outback for some coconut shrimp and ribs. And yes, we prayed before our meal. We felt bad.
Hope your weekend has been wonderful!


  1. Cute cute outfit!

    Every time we try to go to church in San Angelo we always get asked if we are students at ASU or if we are in the military. Apparently you can't be a young working adult in San Angelo, TX.

  2. Love the lace! You have great fashion! Funny thing you couldn't find your new church. Hubby and I were out and about today trying to find a Bed Bath and Beyond, well GPS took us to a house..hmm that definitely wasn't a Bed Bath and Beyond! I wanted to let you know my blog has been changed from FlourNFriends to Mrs Green! Please update it if you'd like to keep following me! Thanks again for all your support!

  3. what beautiful pictures! I love everything about this outfit!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  4. That dress is to die for! You look gorgeous!

  5. That dress is super cute! I don't have a Forever 21 around me, but I do have the internet :)

  6. Hey girl, I wanted to tell you I deleted your most recent comment on my post abt the cookies by MISTAKE I didn't want you to think I did it on purpose. I clicked the wrong button. :( I know its nothing but I didn't want you to think I did it intentionally. Sorry again.

  7. Gorgeous! Love the pairing of polka dots and lace. Have a great week!

  8. I love everything about this outfit!! You wear it so well!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

  9. Love the outfit but the story behind the post made this that much better haha ;) At least you managed to have a wonderful Sunday morning :)

    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Tara xo

  10. Love the outfit! Have a good week:)

  11. So like, you wanna just ship that whole entire outfit up to Green Bay once you've washed it? K thanks!! LOVEEE :)

  12. Love that dress and tights!! You look super cute!!

  13. You look so cute! Love the outfit! I did my first outfit post today, and I definitely need some tips, you look so natural and beautiful !

  14. SO pretty!! I love red and blue together...the pop of blue from the necklace is awesome!
    And those tights and shoes...ahhhh!
    What a sweet spontaneous Sunday :)

    You inspire me always!!

  15. This polka dot dress is adorable! I love how you paired it with the textured tights, so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  16. what a cute outfit. love it.

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