Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Fall Wreath

Last week, I started noticing that the daisy wreath on our front door was getting a bit too summery for September. Despite the 90 degree weather, we're ready for fall, y'all! I whipped together this wreath and am pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially for the amount of time and money spent. Here's how to make your very own burlap wreath in less than twenty minutes!
This letter 'F' came from Jo-Ann's (marked down to $2.99) and the fall scrapbook paper was .59. Simply trace the scrapbook paper around the letter and mod podge it on the front. (please note fall snack: candy corn and peanuts...YUM)

The next step was to take burlap (I used about 1 1/2 yards at $2.99 a yard) and cut it into approx. 18 inch strips.

Tie the strips one by one around a wreath of your choice and knot them. I already had this wreath (they have them for $5 at Michael's!) and wanted a rustic look in case you could see through the burlap.

Once you've tied pieces all the way around the wreath, cut thinner strips and fill in any gaps.

Using fishing line, attach the letter and other chosen "flair" to the wreath. Simply wrap the line around each piece and knot it in the back. I chose to add pine cones (we have a ton just laying around our backyard), a few faux berries we had on hand, and some felt flowers I made here.

Ta da! You're all done! A quick, affordable project that adds the perfect touch of fall to your front door. If you kept track of the costs listed, this wreath was a whopping $8. Can't beat that!
Come visit us soon, won't you? :)
I promise there will be football on the tv and pumpkin bread in the oven.


  1. I'm on my way! Pumpkin bread, football, and wreath making!? Psh, don't have to tell me twice. I wish I were on my way! : ( This wreath is adorable!! I've never made one and have always wanted to. I need to get busy on one!

  2. it turned out great! i love it and i actually have some extra burlap! i may need to make a burlap wreath now.

  3. Its super cute, with everyone talking about fall its really getting me in the mood for some fall season decorating and baking. yummy soups and bread :)!!!!

  4. Incredible!! I absolutely love it. Why didn't I get blessed with the crafty gene? So not fair.

  5. So cute!!! Such a perfect addition to welcome fall into Texas. Now if only the cooler temperatures would stay!

  6. Hi Brittany, What a perfect fall wreath that you have crafted. I love it!!...especially the F! Just a thought..when I lived in The Netherlands, it seemed like a large wooden stork would move around the neighborhood often, in our townhouse development. The reason: when a baby was born, the parents would place a stork in the front yard. The stork held a baby doll in his beak. If a boy was born, the doll was wrapped in a blue blanket and pink for a girl. When we moved back to the states and my daughter was expecting, I had a couple cut out a wooden stork and paint it for us. Many of her friends and relatives have borrowed this stork. I just wish we would have put each child's name on the back of this stork. I just thought that this would be fun for you too. Google wooden cut out designs then find someone who is handy with a saw. Let me know your thoughts. Hugs Barbara

  7. you make this look sooo easy!! wreaths ALWAYSSSSSS scare me...i try to start doing on, get 5 minutes in and panic becuase it looks like a hot mess...but i think i might just have to try this one! :)

    thanks for sharing another one of your beautiful projects! :)

  8. that is beautiful!! I love the letter!

  9. Craft perfection!! I love this. Seriously, start selling all these crafts girl! You make so much cute stuff!

  10. brittany, i LOVE the wreath and the little felt flowers and pretty F. i just made another felt/yarn wreath last month and can't decide if it is "Fall enough."
    the burlap looks so nice against the door! amazing job. <3<3<3
    and yum to candy corn!!


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