Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Fall Mantle

Hi, friends! Yesterday I showed you our burlap wreath here, and today I want to show you how our mantle is shaping up in time for fall.
 Z and I moved into our house on November 4th of last year, barely missing the Halloween mark. We were disappointed, mind you; we really wanted to give out candy. Anyway, I decided to skip the fall decorating and go straight into Christmas. This year, however, we are fully embracing autumn and all it has to offer. It is the season our Baby Boy is coming out to meet us, after all!
I'd still like to add a few more things here and there, like some pumpkins by the fireplace, but I'll likely be too lazy to bust the camera out again so here it is as of now!

I made the leaf garland by tying paper leaves (a Dollar Tree find) to fishing line. Simple and easy, but I think it adds a nice touch.
I posted about this here, but one more chance to brag on my artsy husband...the painting over the fireplace was all Z, my very own Picasso!

I filled the votives with pinecones from our backyard and faux acorns from the Target Dollar Section.
Have you started decorating for fall? Don't you just love this time of year?!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall!! I busted out the fall decorations labor day weekend. Too early? I just love fall I think it might be the best time of year! Pumpkin everything is heaven.

    Your house looks super cute! Great job and love the leaf garland- you're so crafty!

  2. This makes me miss our mantle : (. You did a good job! I love Tiny's picture up there! Oh, and I have the same 3 glass vases! The crackle-y ones. Still loving Z's painting!

  3. I love!!! Your mantle makes me wish we had one!!

    I hope to get my fall decorations out this weekend!! Can't wait!

  4. I love it! your house is so beautiful!!! I think I'm going to decorate for fall this weekend!!

  5. So cute! Your house is beautiful! My favorite part is the leaf garland: you're so crafty, who would've thought to use dollar store leaves and fishing line to make a banner? Cute!

  6. ahhh, what an awesome idea!! the leaves look so nice against the fireplace!! i want to start decorating early this year. i always wait until late october. the first day of fall is already next saturday. i'm making it a goal! :)
    thanks for the inspiration!
    ahh, and i love the frame and u/s picture of tiny! so, so sweet!!
    have a wonderful night and relaxing weekend, brittany!!

  7. And next year you will have a little one to trick or treat with. And believe me it's so fun.


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