Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week...

....has pretty much been all about food. I can blame it on the whole "eating for two" thing, right? Right?

We had a pizza lunch on the patio of a newly discovered restaurant in Market Street. Love places that sell by the (big) slice!

Tiny and I had a Jelly Belly feast.
I found these super cute loafers on sale at Target for $9.98 (insert immature dancing in the aisle here).

Fall flowers are brightening up our kitchen table.

Baby and I had a quiet, people-watching lunch at Cafe sweet potato fries on the planet.

Our house got a fall make-over, including this yummy snack mix.
We tried Red Mango for the first yum-fest.

I finally got around to framing the botanical prints we picked up at a gallery in Old Town Spring back in July.

I discovered these bad boys which are every bit as good as they sound. Dangerously so.

I hope this post didn't make you too terribly hungry! Baby and I are off to grab some lunch and hopefully find some curtains for the nursery; we hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. yes, this post has made me terribly hungry but not for the healthy things i brought to work. haha.

    those loafers are super cute! i think i need to plan a trip to Target ASAP.

    have a fabulous weekend and give Tiny a belly rub for me :)

  2. that pizza looks soooo yummy! :) happy friday!

  3. YUM!!!!!! I want to eat that snack mix right now!!!

  4. I feel like my whole week has been about food too, except I'm only eating for one! :)

    I love that snack mix too! I had never had it until I met my husband. His mom always makes it, and it's soo addicting!!

  5. um all that food is making hungry. and i just got back from lunch. lol!

  6. I'm starving (again). That pizza looks amazing.

  7. Ahhhh, I want pizza topped with that ice cream concoction!!! I am hungry as ever. Lol. I had mashed potatoes for lunch and fiber pasta, egg whites and juice for breakfast...sad compare to all this food amazing-ness!
    Love the loafers and love Target! I'm heading there later. :)
    So glad you and Tiny had a week filled with all things good and yummy!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the curtains!
    Tons of love, Brittany!

  8. Those shoes are super cute! And bonus for being on clearance! Love Target!

  9. I want your life. haha. Seriously though, all that food looks freaking yummy!

  10. hi lady!! i nominated you for the versatile blogger award in my post today!

    i love reading your blog and i want all of my readers to find you too! :) happy saturday!


    xoxo, sarah grace

  11. i love shoe deals at target! I found some cute sandal flats there last week too! :)


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