Friday, September 7, 2012

USAFA Parents' Weekend, Part One

 before the Air Force/Idaho State game
Little Brother's out there somewhere!

Five cadets parachuted from a plane and landed on the football was amazing.

jet flyover

shopping in Manitou Springs

So sorry for the crazy amount of pictures! The two days prior Tiny and I spent in Denver with our good friends Garrett and Whitney were sadly not well-photographed; I was too lazy to pull my camera out. I blame this picture-heavy post on my attempt at making up for that. AND the fact that we had a wonderful time!
Thanks for reading, friends. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy some FOOTBALL! :)


  1. Love your sunglasses! Was your hubby with you?

    1. Thank you, Colby!! My sister in law gave me the sunglasses...some organization was giving them away for free on her college campus. Score!

      Sadly no, Zach wasn't with me :(. He had to stay home and work (and watch lots of football). Next time I go back, he's definitely coming!

  2. how fun!! and you look adorable with that maxi skirt! I love it!

  3. I LOVE colorado!! And how cute are you and your bump!!? oh my goodness!!

  4. What a beautiful town and area. Your dress looks so pretty too.
    I bet the jets fly by was so loud.
    I love weekends with family and friends.

  5. These pictures are SO cute! Ryan looks adorable in his uniform and your Academy T shirt is so bright and fun!

  6. Looks like you had such a wonderful time soaking up your family! That cadet parachute... awesome!!

  7. You can never have too many photos! :) that picture of you and your mom at the game is so cute! You and your family look like you are having such a great time...and the shopping area, ahhh take me away! Lol.
    Love those fun belts too!
    Sending love and wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


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