Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Belated Happy Sibling Day

 I didn't realize until around midnight last night that yesterday was National Sibling Day (I'm in my own little world of footed jammies and dirty diapers over here). Considering I have the two best brothers a girl could ask for (totally not biased, either), I couldn't let this so-called holiday slip by without recognizing their immense importance in my life.
Shane and Ryan are, and always will be, my heroes.
a few oldies but goodies (hey, it's also Throwback Thursday!)

Christmas '12
 Shane is a captain in the Army (soon to be major!) and is stationed in Honolulu with his beautiful wife, Scarlett.
Ryan is in his first year at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.
Two different branches, one main goal= to protect, defend, and serve our great nation.
I couldn't be more proud two call these two my brothers. 
 I love you, brudders, and can't thank you enough for putting up with all my crap over the years :). I miss you every day.


  1. You're the only girl!! I bet they take good care of their sister. I love my two sisters too. I have always wondered what it's like to have a brother.

  2. These throwback pictures are TOO MUCH! So cute! BTW your younger brother (when he was a baby) kinda looks like bear.


  3. I wouldn't have known if it weren't for Instagram!

    I love all these pictures! So cute!! You were (and still are) so gorgeous!

    I wonder how it must have been being the only girl growing up :)

  4. you were adorable and still are!

  5. Those pictures are so cute! You do have two pretty awesome brothers! And they have an equally awesome sister.

  6. You have such a beautiful family! How cute are you as a little one!? You are so pretty!

  7. Such a touching post!! You have such a cute family! I LOVE the photos from years ago. You are too cute - love the Minnie Mouse costume! I was Minnie one year too!! And I love the photo of you in the pink dress - your expression is priceless!! Your brothers are lucky to have such a wonderful, caring sister in their lives!
    Sending love and hoping your day is off to a fabulous start, Brittany! Xoxox

  8. Love this! What fun to have two brothers, although I'm sure they picked on you like crazy! I have one brother, and although it was hard when we were young (he's older and I chose to pester, so I had it coming), it is fun now as adults! And they are definitely blessed to have you as a sweet sister!


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