Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Things

Earlier today my friend Faith did a post like this and while I wasn't "tagged", I thought it was so fun that I'm gonna try and come up with five things I haven't shared with you all before. Also, Faith is pretty much the sweetest thing ever; go leave her some love!

1. I love to sing. Not saying I'm the next Mariah Carey by any means (though that would be nice...), but I'm pretty much singing and/or humming on a constant basis. Poor Zach; anytime he starts singing a song, I have to chime in and show him that I too know that song and can belt it even louder, and much prouder, than him.

2. Half of my left front tooth is fake. In high school basketball practice, Sparkle Brewster came down from a rebound and elbowed me in the face, knocking half of my tooth out. I refused to go to school until the Billy Bob situation was fixed, so my Mom took me to the dentist the next morning and he bonded it? Binded it? Whatever, he fixed it. Thank the good Lord.

3. My parents are both teachers; I'm extremely proud of the emphasis they've always placed on education in our family. My in-laws are farmers and are getting ready to plant cotton at the end of this week; please pray for some rain in West Texas! They desperately need it.

4. I'm major league kind of obsessed with Stevie Nicks. Her voice is that of legend. While everyone is all about female singers like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, you'll never convince me that they can hold a light to Stevie (proof 61 years old). Yes, I like Taylor Swift, but songs about boys and break-ups can't touch your soul the way a beautifully reflective song like Landslide, or Gypsy, or Dreams, can.

5. During my sophmore year of college, I trained the entire second semester through a program called Let's Start Talking and went on a two month mission trip to Lima, Peru. We taught Peruvians English through the book of Luke in the Bible; it was one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, experiences of my life. During that time, we had no running water and had to pump water on the roof into plastic coke bottles for our "showers". It was also the middle of winter in Peru, so the water was like snow-melt. Washing my long hair became extremely challenging so I paid $2 for a haircut and chopped it all off. We didn't even have a mirror, much less the opportunity to curl or straighten our hair. Talk about roughin' it! I learned a lot that summer about just how blessed we, as Americans, truly are. I never, ever, take a hot shower for granted anymore.

There you have it, five totally random things. I'm also taking the liberty of "tagging" each of you lovely ladies...I wanna learn something new about you, too!
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I totally love Stevie too! I'd rather listen to her than those girls any day!!!

  2. Nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. Sparkle? Her name was Sparkle! Awesome! Not awesome about your tooth.

    1. Her name is totally Sparkle! Could be more unique than Bear...

  4. I LOVE this post! I learned new things about you. And I laaaauuughed at the Sparkle thing. I had no idea that ever happened or that you had a partial fake tooth. I knew all of them except that one I think. I do want to hear more about Peru though, we have never talked about your trip there!

    1. Hey thanks, Whit! hahaha I KNOW, the Sparkle thing is so funny. Wasn't at the time, but definitely makes me laugh now.

  5. oh gosh ... i completely forgot to tag people. i feel horrible! i think it is too late now because most people that i would have tagged have already read it.

    wow, Sparkle sure did not sparkle that day. mine is fake too! haha. do you know how many times i had to get mine fixed because i'm stubborn? and i refused to go to school whenever i "messed" up. i couldn't wait to turn 18 that way it could be permanently crowned.

    i sing ALL the time too. i'll say it's annoying, haha.

    wow, what an experience. i'm sure that is the best way to teach anyone not to take all that we have for granted. so many things that we do not consider luxuries are luxuries to others around the world.

  6. Re: Singing - I sing all the time too but the difference is, I SUCK AT IT! lol.

    Re: Peru: that sounds like an amazing experience. You look really cute with your hair cut short. I'm sure your time in Peru has made you appreciate things that you might had forgotten about if it wasn't for your experience.


  7. Cute post! I love to sing too, but alas, I am not a Mariah Carey at all even though I desperately want to be. Haha!

  8. i LOVED this post. ohmygosh, so much to comment on. first off, how amazing that you lived and taught in peru for two months. i can't imagine how rewarding that must have been. and your hair - SO stinkin' cute!! it looks amazing, brittany!
    that is too funny the girl's name is sparkle! lol!
    i'm glad your tooth was fixed right away - i would have refused to go to school too! :)
    thanks for sharing these fun facts! i hope you're having an awesome week!! sending lots of love your way. xoxox

  9. Ahh, I love me some Stevie too. Fleetwood Mac is my all-time favorite band, nothing even comes close.

    Funny thing, Curtis is awful at remembering lyrics to songs (AWFUL). So I always have to be the turd that corrects him when he's singing a song. I've tried to tone it down, but I, for some strange reason, am really good at memorizing words to songs.. so yeah, it's hard not to. I duno, but that's what your first fact reminded me of, and I wanted to tell you about it.

    Your time in Peru sounds like a really amazing experience, kind of scary.. but amazing.


  10. Love posts like this! I'm a hummer, inherited that from my Grandma, although Nate is definitely the singer of the family! And I went to Guatemala on a mission trip in college, but it was barely a week and we were not roughing it like that! What an experience to have!

  11. You can so rock any hair cut! That sounds like a truly amazing experience, I love learning more about you! I thought sparkle Brewser was a fake name until I read through the comments haha. Gotta love it!

  12. I think your hair looks great! What a great cause.


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