Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Recap (Part 1)

 Saturday was a full day of celebration, starting with a yummy lunch and egg hunt at my sweet parents' house. Bear slept through the hunt, but you better believe he watched intently as we chowed down on some chicken and homemade chocolate pie. Boy's ready to get his grub on!
 a few pictures...
The cousins had a big basketball game going...
...and Dad and Bear were their spectators.
A big, big thanks to "Papaw Steve & Candy" for their hospitality last weekend, and also for all the goodies in Bear's Easter bag (too much for a basket!). My Mom did a "swim theme" and completely fixed Bear up for the pool/beach this summer with adorable swim trunks & shirt, sunscreen, flip flops, a bucket hat, this canopy float, swimming books such as Finding Nemo, and more. So creative and fun! Thank you, Mom! We love you.


  1. Awe it looks so nice and warm to celebrate Easter by you guys! :)

  2. FIRST OF ALL, I'm DYING over your blue shorts.
    Those are SO CUTE!

    and your little guy is SOO PERFECT! haha he is adorable!

  3. Love your bright blue shorts and necklace! Glad you had a nice Easter. I'm sure you got to eat a lot of Bear's candy since he's just not into it yet!

  4. Your little boy is so sweet and cuddly looking! And your easter attire is to die for!

  5. I agree - I also love your bright blue shorts and necklace! So cute. Love you in the pic with Bear. His first Easter!! and he looks adorable. Glad you had a great time celebrating with your family!

  6. Bear is absolutely precious! I love your mum's idea of making a 'theme' gift! I always struggle to come up with ideas for presents at Easter being the fact that my little man is only 15 months old and we don't let him have much chocolate at all.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Young Mum's Guide To Survival.

  7. How cute is your family? Love your shorts btw!

  8. Looks splendid:) your outfit is stunning and I would love some chocolate pie!!

  9. I am so jealous of your big family Easter! I have always wanted that, maybe one day when Alyssa and I get to popping out kids : ). Your mom and dad are So cute with Bear, they are so in love with him. He's lucky to have such sweet grandparents. So glad Ryan got to come down and be with y'all, I know you get so glad to see him. I love those blue shorts, that's my favorite color. Where are they from? You look so beautiful holding little B, he's going to have some great pictures to look back on one day!

  10. Looks like you guys had a great Easter. I love that first photo of Bear with his Easter Bib. Adorable. Also the photo of you & Zach. Your outfit was so simple, chic & preppy. The shorts look great with your necklace.

    Stop by my page when you can. I also posted a special post about Easter, featuring My Beautiful Baby Girl.

  11. your shorts outfit is SOOo cute! i LOVE it and that necklace!!

  12. You are gorgeous! I love your outfit!!

  13. what a wonderful day!! you are BEAUTIFUL! i love your blue and white outfit (and sandals)! it is so awesome it is shorts weather in texas...it is still so chilly here!
    that is such a cute idea for bear's basket from your mom. ohmygosh, he is gonna be one adorable pool/beach baby!! so happy your first easter as a family of three was beautiful!


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